Prolific seeding a problem

Amherst, MA

This is a Zone 5 grass w/ 6-8" purple bloom, approx. 5' tall x 4-5' wide. Beautiful, but its seeds are terrific germinators in the thyme ground cover and across the lawn. Yikes. My question: Is there a sterile or minimally seeding, but still beautiful and colorful, big grass??
The spot is a major focal point in a raised bed that wraps the front of my house; there's excellent drainage, full sun. I don't want to replace the grass with a shrub, as the snow load from the roof will crush anything woody. (I don't want to put hinged plywood protectors, etc., in that spot)
That bed also has large dahlias, tall day lilies, lots of culver's root, peony, amsonia hubrichtii,pink gypsophilia, Provence lavender, and some others.
Thanks for suggestions on the grass!!
(also, how the heck do I get the thing out of the bed? I sheared it to the root ball, but I've been digging for days. Well, maybe I am no hercules.)

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

In zone 5a miscanthus cultivars seed minimally. I had a bunch of different varieties that I installed in 1998 and throughout the time when I sold the house in 2011 I found that silberfeder and goliath were the only ones that seeded, not gracillimus, strictus, Morning Light, adagio, Huron Sunrise, silberfeil, bluttenwunder or sarabande.

With Goliath, four grasses turned into seven, and silberfeder pops up in little clumps around the yard.

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