Mormon Tea/ephedra nevadensis/viridis?

Long Beach, CA

I see a few reputable nursery sites in California that sell the ephedra viridis or ephedra nevadensis plant. Does anyone know if this plant is allowed to be collected/gathered/ or bought and used as tea? I have seen this particular shrub in the high desert elevations in parts of California and Nevada. But is it allowed to be grown? is the rooted shrub allowed to be sold? is it allowed to make Mormon Tea to drink?

Tucson, AZ

Here in southern Arizona, there are several nurseries that sell this plant legally. It is a common plant used in xeriscaping. The alkaloid concentrations in the natural plant material are relatively low and unlikely to be dangerous.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

IF in real doubt, always err or the right side and ask at local gov offices or Garden centres, they will best put a troubled mind at rest.
Best Regards. Weenel.

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