what kind of cucumber?

Chino Valley, AZ

This is my second year gardening. Last year I planted lots of spaghetti squash, and a pumpkin got mixed in so I had a lot of hybrids. Then this year a number of volunteers of spag squash and hybrids. I am all mixed up. this year I planted zucchini, and it looks like a number of hybrids also. And cucumbers: lemon cucumbers and another kind that I don't know. I get plants from the local community college for $1 each. Good price but not always labeled. So here are pictures of the three cucumbers. They are about 6 inches long. I have not picked one yet. Any ideas? PS I looked in the identification files and did not see anything like this. Linda

Thumbnail by lindasch100 Thumbnail by lindasch100 Thumbnail by lindasch100
Virginia Beach, VA

the flower and the fuzzy stems looks like a zuchinni or some kind of squash. the only way to find out is cut it.

If it is a cucumber then it might be an aremenian cukes.

I am interested to know what they are when you cut them.


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