Dull Alocasia Leaves w/ yellow spots

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Can anyone explain what in the world is going on with my 2 Alocasia Mayan Mask? Both are planted where they receive morning sun until about 11 and then receive an hour of sun from 5pm to 6pm. New leaves are dark green and shiny as it should be. (Pic 1) However, after a few weeks, they become dull and lose their shine. On top of that, yellow dots begin to appear on the tops of the leaves. (Pic 2 shows the beginning of the dots and Pic 3 shows what a leaf looks like a few weeks later. Pic 4 is the underside of the leaf in Pic 3.) At first, I thought maybe it was caused by water droplets remaining on the leaves when they are in full morning sun. But I realized today that not every single leaf have the yellow dots...they may be dull, but don't have the dots. However, the majority of the leaves are both dull and spotted.

Now I have had experience with Spider mites on Colocasia and easily recognize the "speckles" on the leaves. Could this be the cause of the spots on my Alocasia? I don't see any webbing or anything...

Anything would be helpful :-)


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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Yes, it could be spider mites but it could also be other sap sucking insects that are active at night when it's dark, what I would do IF I were you, remove the worst of the leaves as these leaves are never going to recover and turn a nice green again. use gloves and have a peice of clear bright paper to place the leaf on.
Take the leaf indoors into maybe the kitchen as bright a place as possible, turn the leaf over and use a magnifying glass, look all over the leaf, see IF you find any creatures running about and keep i9n mind, some sap sucking mite can be as small as a pin head so dont rush the search, look in crevices, veins, edges of the leaf and the stem, you may have to tilt, bend or even hang the leaf to do the proper search, both sides of the leaf, also check the bright paper the leaf is laying on.
Next use a clean sheet of kitchen ot toilet tissue and gently rub this along the length of the leaf, look through the magnifying glass to see IF you have loosened any bugs, IF all is clean, then there are no bugs present, but do keep in mind the tissue you swabbed with, leave it aside and keep checking that no tiny specks are moving about.on the tissue.
IF there are sure no signs of sap suckers, then you need to try the search elsewhere, burn the leaf when done searching and the tissue.
Have you used any spray close to the plants, has there been any feeds or other sprays used close by, do you have any earwigs in the garden, they feed at night, IS there enough water reaching the roots of the plants,
Sometimes we think we have watered more than enough then when you stick your finger into the soil about 2 inch down the soil is bone dry.
All these things are a clue to what MAY be wrong, but then you might have to carry on the search but it's a start.
Good luck. WeeNel.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Those spots are really big for most sucking insects or mites. Usually those things are very fine stippling, about as fine as a dusting of flour.

Larger spots (these look like they are 1/8" to 1/4" diameter) are more often a disease. Either bacterial or fungal.

Perhaps look into rust. I think there is a form of rust that can infect some Alocasia, and the larger spots seem to suggest something like that rather than insect or mite damage.

Port Orange, FL

Hi SavvyDaze - Did you ever find out what was happening with your Alocasia Mayan Mask? I have one that is doing EXACTLY the same thing. Yellow spots on the leaves. A few last year...many more this year. I'm about to take it out of it's pot, wash off the roots and repot into a different soil mix, or maybe put it in the ground. I live in coastal Florida and usually these things grow like kudzu. I'm too embarrassed to take a photo it looks so sad but it's definitely going to die if this continues and a cause is not found.

Port Orange, FL

Update to Alocasia Mayan Mask with yellow spots on leaves - Well, the spots are gone! The only thing I did was fertilize with a bit of left over palm fertilizer which has magnesium, manganese, iron, and sulfur which palms need. I figured I didn't have anything to lose and since this plant grows in similar conditions, perhaps it could use similar nutrients. All of these supplements mitigate various "yellow leaf" problems with palms. Coincidence? Well, the three minerals do and the sulfur damps down a higher pH soil allowing the plant to use them. My soil here in Florida is alkaline. OR...maybe that had nothing to do with it and it was just time for the plant to lose its spots. In another post I remember someone was concerned about their leaves bending and breaking. My plants always do this just before new leaves sprout out. Considerate they are...making room for new growth. Good luck!

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