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Wats killing my Banana trees?

Pune, India

Hi! Can anyone please tell me wats happening to my banana plants? Its stems are turning black and all the plants seem to be dying. There has just been one bunch of bananas in two years and that is also really small (photo attached).. Is this some disease on the stem? How do I deal with it?

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Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I have not grown fruiting bananas, but I have and ornamental relative that has lived for several years (never flowers).

Picture that shows those brown spots and areas on the new stems does suggest something wrong. Are there soil diseases in your area that you are familiar with? I am not familiar with banana diseases.
OK, really fast google search: Bananas can get Fusarium. In bananas it is called Panama Disease. This is a soil-borne fungus that enters the plant and interferes with the transport of water and nutrients up and down the stem.
There are several other diseases that are specific to bananas.
If it is something that has been building up in the soil you may have to either grow the bananas in another part of the garden, or sterilize the soil. You probably have to get new starts of the bananas, not try to reproduce from your infected plants.

Does the area have good drainage? Looks like you are watering it right, there are some nice looking new plants. (3rd pic).

Vernonburg, GA

I'm not a banana expert but I always thought that after fruiting you were supposed to cut the 'mother' plant down to allow the new plants room to grow.

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