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deutzia Pruning

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Deutzia pruning
My deutzia is tall (about 12ft- 4mtrs).It is woody for the first half of its height & is very dense (many stems from the base).
I would like to get some new growth at the lower level.
I want to reduce the height by about 3 ft( 1 mtre) but this would get rid of most of the foliage.
How do I best acheive this?
It flowered in June - is it ok to prune now? If so - will it flower next year?

When does Deutzia produce the new shoots/stems that flower next year?
Is it after flowering?
If so - how long after flowering have I got to prune Deutzia?

Can I do this in late August? Or is that too late to get flowers on new stems next year?


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

stejms, these shrubs are generally pruned around July after flowering, they way to do it is to remove ALL the flowering stems down to ground level (that's the stems that gave you flowers THIS season)
This will allow time for the plant / shrub to give out more new growth before the ravishes of winter as sometimes our winters kill of new or very tender growth.

After you prune out the old flowering stems, give the soil around the root area a fork over and I would be adding a thick mulch of compost to protect it from any winter roots trouble, I am taking into account that last few winters most of the UK had more snow / ice than normal and for the next few years I myself on the West Coast of Scotland (normally milder but wetter) will be taking extra precaution's for the next few years because the weather here has been so bad und very unpredictable as you might know.

However it may well be that your coastal area is much more sheltered and milder so you will have to judge that one yourself.

At this time of year, when you do prune, you can use 6-8 inch Branch tender tips from the pruning
material, prepare the cuttings by removing the bottom leaves, tidy the bottom cut to just above a bud and insert maybe 5-6 of the prepared cuttings around the outer edge of a pot with a soil mix of compost, sand and small grit, the sand has to be horticultural sand you buy small bag at garden centres, builders sand it no good as it usually has lime or chemicals added.
Water the pot and place in a cold frame or cool area in porch ect, by next April May, the cuttings are ready to go out in garden to grow on further few years till bushed out enough to be able to support it'self..

Hope this is of some help and you can rejuvenate your parent plant to become a better size,
Maybe next year after flowering start earlier to cut back the flowered stems / branches and possible shorten a FEW new stemmed growth too BUT don't cut ALL the NON flowering new growth or you wont get flowers the following year,
The Shrub might look sorry fot it's self a for maybe a couple of years but it will be glad of your help and more light being allowed into the centre of the shrub, it will help MORE new growth and air to circulate preventing bare stems and maybe even mould forming with the humid weather we have had this year.

Good luck and do the pruning now before the colder nights OR wait till next July.
Best Regards. WeeNel.

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