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Andrews, TX(Zone 8a)

I have a big bag of purchased, organic soil intended for vegetables. Can I use it in lieu of potting soil? What are the differences? I need to get rid of worms in an indoor plant and today am unable to drive to the nearest vendor of potting soil which is 40+ miles down the road. I have Perlite, humus and decomposed granite. Will that work for a Bromeliad and in what ratios?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Kiley, I think we are discussing the same plant you enquired about elsewhere, however the answer is the same, you can make up a soil mix using all the ingredients you have, the perlite , the shop bought compost and crushed stone, the perlite and stone will help with drainage as the type of plant your talking about cant take sitting in wet soil the you need free draining,
I gave instructions as to how to rid the plant from the worm infested soil so you can do this right now, but when it comes to watering, you need to sit the potted plant when re-potted, into a saucer of water and allow the soil to take up moisture from the bottom, when the pot soil changes darker brown, you will know the soil is wet enough, allow the water to drain away from the bottom of the pot and then sit the potted plant back into the position you had it before.
These plants don't really like being wet but now and again I give the foliage of mine a mist of very tepid warm water.

Hope this makes sense to you and all goes well with the potting od your plant.
Best regards. WeeNel.

Andrews, TX(Zone 8a)

Let me give this another try! What is the difference between using soil mix labeled for vegetables and using soil labeled specifically for pots. "Potting mix."

After I posted I would have to drive to Odessa to purchase soil, I realized I already had all the fixiin's. I'm a little intimidated about the whole worm thing. Tomorrow the deed will be done. My daughter can't wait! I hope I haven't waited too long.

Thanks, once more, for your help.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Kiley, I'm sorry your getting frustrated about the soil situation you have, but when I answered your problem and new you had been on one of the other forums with the same situation (that being all you had was a soil mix for veg and the alternative was a drive of 40 miles, well I gave info on how to rid your house of worm infested soil and how to amend the soil you have to adapt to conditions your Bromieliad COULD survive in till you are able to get the proper soil mix you need for these plants.

So here goes again, potting soil you buy or make is for quite a wide range of plants such as, after seeds have germinated, or you already have SOME potted plants that grow indoors BUT not all type of indoor plants can grow in this potting soil, This type of soil is Sterilised, has some SLOW release fertilisers normally added and it also has a more fine grade of soil particles in the soil, would be no use for shrubs, veg, outdoor plants or in the garden beds unless you amended this soil by adding other humus to be able to support the requirements of much hungrier types of plants.

Composts made up for Veg are normally much richer in nutrients, is a much heavier grade of particles and holds onto moisture for longer as Veg has these requirements, but this soil can also be used for shrubs of certain types, tree's at planting time to help improve the texture and health of the sil at that time BUT for those type of plants, the Veg soil would still require added feeds like Bone/ fish/ blood which is slow release and better for these DIFFERENT plants.

As for Bromeliads, some Cacti, some Orchids to mention a few types of plants really need very well draining soil as water is NOT their requirement as Most of our other plants need, Bromeliad's and most Orchids are air feeding plants in as much, they get there feed requirements from the air, they get nutrients from there Hoste plant such as in crevices of tree's, on the bark of tree's and a fairly humid atmosphere to allow droplets of moisture from the humidity to give the little moisture they require.
Cacti as you know need a sandy, very porous soil with little fertilisers added, and to give too much water just kills them off caused by rot at the inner crown.
Your Bromeliad plant is almost in between Cacti and Orchids as regards care, it requires plente humidity, free draining soil and as little watering ONTO the foliage or iner heart of the plant as possible or the plant can rot from inside to out.
These plants under our home conditions dont last too long as they are origionally from the jungles of very hot climates where they are allowed to grow on tres, on moss covered rocks and general damp warm conditions.

There are soil mixtures available for ALL these different types of plants but because you cant get instantly to get hold of what you need, I have given you a soil mix that will do to keep the plant alive, IF left the worms infesting your soil are living on the soft tissue of the plant, probably imported with the plant as we buy loads of those from stores and they come from abroad, because they are different and are good form humid bathrooms ect.

I think what might help you further AFTER you get rid of the infestation, go to book store or library
and search for books on gardening for beginners and you will find some that are good with illustrated pic's on soil conditions, propagation, growing veg, caring for lawn all the simple tasks that we as gardeners need to know and will use over and over again while learning about our hobby of growing things,

Please dont feel you have to spend money on any BIG fancy books as they are expensive, but look for a good, plain speaking book for new gardeners, that will allow you to refer to as you need while doing new things and let's you understand that as far as soil goes, there are different requirements for so many differet types of plants depending where they originate from, all we can do is try imitate the conditions they need to the best of our abilities.

Hope this makes things a bit clearer Kiley and as much as it can be very frustrating when you dont get the answers you wanted, were all just human,interpret differently sometimes but like you have done already, just keep asking, the only thing I would say is after you ask a question on a forum, stick with that forum / thread as some people dont cross over to other threads so you might not get any answers when you move the same question over elsewhere.

Hope this helps a bit but, if not, get back to us, we will keep trying so long as you need.
best regards WeeNel.

Andrews, TX(Zone 8a)

I guess I am a bit to eager to get it right! I tend to over analyze and make things more difficult than they really are. My mother lovingly points this out to me on a regular basis yet does it herself. I just need to calm down and think logically. I am beginning to learn that there are very few majic solutions in gardening ( and life). I think it is a combination of several factors and how they all interact. I just need to take a deep breath and "just do it!" If I kill it, lesson learned.

I apologize if I come across as scattered. Posting the appropriate question in the appropriate forum takes some getting used to. Thank you for pointing out my lack of focus. I really thought the worm question and soil type question were two separate topics. Yes, they were referring to the same plant, but I had always wondered about soil specifically labeled as vegetable soil.

You all are a wealth of knowledge. Bear with me while I get accustomed to the way things are supposed to roll here at DG.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Please, Please Don't go beat yourself up because your learning something new, there is nothing more sure fire to put you off gardening than feeling your scatter brained , if your scattered, then Hallo, I'm your long lost sister I can tell you.
Please keep asking any questions you need answers to, they maybe wont ALL be answered here BUT everyone likes to try help best they can.

You are absolutely correct Kiley, there is no magic cures or ways of making things grow when nature tell it not to grow out-with the season, hell I would have a garden like no other if that were the case and my DH would be running like a bat out of hell up and down with the lawn mower, so magic aint what we need, just some nice weather, not toooo hot and not toooo cold, now there's a way to make a fortune, a sunshine controller and a nice breeze machine to boot LOL.

Just remember we cant save every plant BUT we can try and if we succeed then that's the magic, just knowing you had a hand in trying.

Take good care and try stay calm, these worms wont eat the legs off your furniture or eat your dinner, they live on plants material only within soil and I'm guessing, the soil was imported.

Best regards Kiley and take care.

Andrews, TX(Zone 8a)

Worms are gone. YUCK! See you next time I have a question. Thanks for your patience!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

So Glad, now all you have to do is care for that plant LOL, stick with it and I'm sure if you can relax a bit, the plant will follow suit. Ha, ha, ha.
Take care and Best Regards. WeeNel.

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