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Can you please help me

Sydney, Australia

Hello :) I am really new in all this gardening things. I bought a house in Melbourne and finally I have a big backyard but I don't know how to take care of it. I decided to call some professional gardeners to give me some advises and to make the design but I really don't want someone who doesn't understand what he is doing. I found a company that seems ok and the testimonials from previous clients are great but just in case I want to ask here if anyone knows something about them and what is your opinion. If anyone can recommend me another gardening company or just a gardener I will be very happy. The company I found is

I will appreciate every opinion here
Thank you in advance and I wish you all the best

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Bella, there is an Australian gardening forum already here on Dave's site, go into communities / forums and it will come up, just do as you did here, click and ask as many questions as you like, they are a great bunch of people and friendly too, the first person to be-friend me when I joined the site was from Australia so I'm talking from experience of the OZ people on Dave's.

Welcome to Dave's by the way, you will learn loads and meet really nice folks who are only too willing to help but you must get back to them IF you don't understand, we all had to learn somewhere believe me, every mistake in the book was made by me at the start, patience and a dream is all you need to keep going.

My advice to you is, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, gardening and a garden has supposed to be your very own haven, it should meet all your requirements that you personally can meet the cost of. IT should be YOUR choice BUT remember to take advice, always remember that this is not cheap to have a company do all the hard work as that is paying for labour before you even see a plant, it mean's a gang of guy's plodding all over your property and several days when you will see nothing done as a lot of the work could be improving UNDER GROUND.

Why don't you go out into your neighbourhood and take loads of pictures of garden layouts, even IF it's in a park, you can have adaption's made. also take pictures of plants, shrubs, trees, veg plots, hard landscaping like paths, garden houses, anything you like, it might be way over what you can pay for BUT as I said, it can be adapted to your needs and that's what your garden should be, YOUR NEEDS. Remember the company you choose are working for you, not the other way round so dont settle for any plans your NOT happy with, maybe even do the garden in stages, maybe hire machinery and do some ground work yourself. maybe draw up your own plans and get it costed. only you know what you really want.

Lastly go to book store and look at books with coloured pictures, go to library for the same, you can take the library books home and print off the pages IF possible,
JUST take your time, gardening teaches you patience, Rome was never built in a day and neither was any garden, so make sure you slow down enough to enjoy the journey.

Hope this helps and you find some nice people over on the Australian garden forum.
Kindest Regards. WeeNel.

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