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Using cremation ashes

Navy Yard City, WA

I would like to add my parents' and sister's ashes to my gardens, but I don't know if this is wise or what else I should add (I understand ashes are highly acidic), such as lime. Also - where would they best be used? In the vegetable garden, for herbs, or for flowers? Thank you.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I would not think they are acidic. I would think they are alkaline. Like lime. However the small volume that you would be adding to a large area is not enough to affect the soil chemistry.

I would set aside a special area and make it a flower garden as a memorial to your relatives. Not blend it in generally 'all over'. Keep it special.

Navy Yard City, WA

Thank you so much. The funeral home that is handling my sister's remains told me about the acidity, but I would have guessed otherwise. She loved flowers, so that would be my preference.

Vernonburg, GA

I told my children that when the time comes to have me cremated the least expensive way and put my ashes into the compost bin a little at a time so I can keep in touch with my garden.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I purchased a Rose called Remember Me, and planted at the grave where my parents were burried, the problem being, the grave was full and my brother could not be placed in the same plot,so he wanted cremated, we placed the ashes into the planting hole and mixed them into the soil, then spread some through the soil we needed to to refill the hle also, believe me, that Rose did really well and has been beautiful each spring summer, I use a lot of bone meal all over my garden and fish, blood and bone meal mix bought from the store, obviously this is animal mixture but human is the exact same method. it is also a slow release feed so you dont need to use it several times a season.

I would do exactly what Diana K has suggested and that would be a far more beautiful thing to do in memory of someone you loved and lost. Take your time and don't be rushed, ashes will sit there awaiting your decision regardless of how long you take to make your mind up.
What matters is the respect you are giving the loved one that has moved on but you will hold them ever close by placing them along with flowers, try choose flowers that will bring happy memories for you and that alone will ease any pain you have felt.
So sorry for your loss but now you can bring some light back to the moments you shared.
Very Best Regards.

Navy Yard City, WA

This is such wonderful advice. I have a mobile home with very small garden spaces, and I believe I will fill the little flower bed in front of the house with flowers of blue and purple, which were my sister's favorite colors! She loved irises, and the bulbs will not only prosper there but multiply, providing many years of loveliness in her honor. I am so grateful for your responses and inspiration.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Your very welcome and glad to be of some help, I'm not sure IF your used to gardening but I think I should tell you in a couple of years you will need to add more nutrients to the soil as the plants will use this up as they mature. Maybe buy some blood / fish / bone meal after a season or so and dig or fork that into the soil like before and repeat after another few years, this will keep the soil fertile for any amount of plants you want to add as time goes by.
Good luck. best Regards, WeeNel.

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