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Best zucchini for smaller gardens

East Pittsburgh, PA

Trying to plan ahead for next spring. This year is my first year growing a veggie garden. I have the Aristocrat variety growing and two plants are taking over my tiny 8' x 4' raised bed. Is there a smaller variety better suited for a small raised bed? Thank you.

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

I think the longer the zucchini itself, the larger the plant grows, in general. how do you grow your plants - bought at the nursery or from seeds? if you buy at the nursery, browse the company's website before shopping to research the varieties. you can then shop by looking for the variety you think will do better.

also most zucchinis are bushes, as far as I know. so make sure you aren't actually growing a vining squash variety. normally the tag or seed packet or whatever just lists a height to expect because, as you know, this family of plants grows vigorously. they continue to spread to produce more fruit.

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