pests taking over

Belleair, FL(Zone 10a)

I don't know what is consuming my garden. I have tried neem oil, bt, copper fungicide, organocide plant doctor, sevin dust, & multiple homemade sprays (lemon dishsoap& water, crushed garlic, blended up hot pepper, cayenne, hot sauce, blended up bugs & water, ammonia, vinegar, & different combinations of all of the above) I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but u get the idea. Still my garden is disappearing. I'm attaching photos of the stuff I'm finding on the leaves & the damage that's been done. I know I had corn earworms but the bt seems to have taken care of them & still the damage continues. As u'll see in 1 of the photos, its like they started on 1 side of my garden & r working their way over. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I tried covering the plants with hoops & row covers, but whatever is doing this seems to already be in the plants or soil so the coverings weren't effective. If any1 has any suggestions as to what could do this kind of damage or what I can do to stop them I'd appreciate it. Just in case it helps, here's a list of what I've seen in the garden. Aphids, ants, spiders, corn earworms, leafminers, stinkbugs, grasshoppers, whiteflies, cabbage loopers, flea beetles, slugs, snails, grubs, roaches, a few creepy bugs that are flat, smaller than an eraser top, brown & jump, & lots & lots of lizards. The only things I see in abundance are the slugs, ants, & lizards. I have slug & snail bait & i find the slugs dead everywhere, so that seems to be controlling those. The 3rd pic shows the damage as of now. Its as if the pests started on the rite side & are working their way to the left. I've tried adding composted manure, garden compost, topsoil, potting soil, essential minerals & nutrients, peat moss & mulch also. Please let me know if u have any suggestions.

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Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

well the spiders and lizards would be your good guys (to eat up some of the other bugs that are there), sometimes a garden year can be a total bust as everyone can attest to. And this soggy summer has not helped one bit, a lot of my plants have had adverse reactions not to bugs or even fungal infections, but simply from too much rain coming down.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I see you are in Florida.

The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper can do a lot of damage:

So can rabbits.

Some of your photos show aphids. A spray of pyrethrum and canola oil in water will kill them.

New Port Richey, FL

These crazy rains we've been getting are washing off sprays as fast as I can put them on. I'm having the same problem with some of my plants. It seems to stay on long enough to keep the critters from totally destroying plants but not long enough to kill them all. On the up side, all these storm clouds have kept the sun from burning everything up. most of my plants are outgrowing the damage. As wet as it's been I'm surprised we're not having a really bad problem with molds, mildews and fungus.

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