Nandina pruning and propagation


I've several new shoots coming up from the roots. Are there specifics I should keep in mind when transplanting?

Also need to find out how to propagate as I have a mass 12' tall in a crowded space and figure I'll prune it severally. When is best time to prune?

Right now they are loaded with green berries. Do they propagate well from seed?

If I dig and chop roots to remove some of the mass, is winter a best time to do so?

When pruned, I'll have many pieces if someone wants some. I only have use for 5 new nandina bushes.

Can I bury pieces and expect them to grow? Can pruned-off branches be stuck in soil to produce a plant? (Branches from the chaste tree did so.) If propagated as nursery stock, does nandina transplant well?

I'll be reading but thought I'd ask the experienced.

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Highly invasive. From seed. Maybe could propagate from cuttings.

I love color, shape of nandina. But would not plant it. I hope you will reconsider making more and find something just as beautiful. If not, I think you will see no reason to purposefully propagate.


I forgot to include these pictures.

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Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

I don't know about propagating this stuff, but you can't kill it by doing any kind of chopping above-ground or below, unless you actually manage to dig the whole thing out, so do whatever you want.

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