Irrigation systems

Effingham, SC(Zone 8a)

I rarely see any homes with irrigation systems here in NW Indiana. Also, son't see any farms with those irrigating trollies that I see when visiting my in-laws in Nebraska. is it because we get that much more rain here? Wouldn't know it lately and now that mygrass is mostlt brown. I'm handwatering the beds, but wondering if we should consider in-groaun irrigation.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

For most of us , unless we own our own well, or have a spring we can use running under our property (restrictions of all kinds) Water restrictions during the times the irrigation is needed , makes them useless .
Their is a spring or deep water well under this property , (city limits)
Only the cost is prohibitive , and here one is not allowed to dig a well , as a city property owner.
Only passing a few thoughts along .

Hobart, IN

There are a couple of farm irrigation systems near me but for the most part, aren't necessary all of the time. Seems most homeowners tend to let their lawns brown out during the summer, knowing/hoping that they'll green up in the fall. Could also be the mindset in this region about discretionary vs. necessary expense. NE normally gets more heat than we do even though it seems like we're contenders over the past couple of summers.

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