Problems with indoor cucumber/tomatoe plant

Las Vegas, NV

Hi there,
I recently took at an attempt at growing some vegetables inside under LED lighting with hydroponics. I am using General Hydroponics nutrients with 1 tspn per gallon which comes out to about 400 PPM (suggested nutrient levels according to GH). I been growing mainly tomatoes and cucumbers. So far, it's been about close to two weeks since I moved the plants to the hydroponics system. I been flooding it daily once for about 5 minutes, just enough to touch the bottom of the pots and then drain (the water touches the bottom of the rockwool for about a minute or so before it drains out, could this be the problem?). Everything was going well until this morning. A few of the plants, mainly the mature ones are slumped over (see the attached image). My PH level is right about 6.0. Lights are on 16 hours a day. I also have oxygen bubbling about 30 minutes prior to the flooding everyday. What am I doing wrong? Not enough nutrients? Too much water? My PPM level has maintained it's levels throughout this whole process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a ton of these plants that I'm afraid that I'm going to lose :(

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