Need information about molded fiberglass campers

Madison, AL

We are looking at 3 different molded fiberglass campers: Park Liner; Lil Snoozy; Toad. These are smaller, light weight campers. Each appears to have some advantage over the others - it is hard to tell which would be best. We are lining up day trips to actually see these units - made in NC and SC. Does anyone in DG have experience with any of these? Thank you.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I have not heard of them.

Madison, AL

We bought in November a Lil Snoozy molded fiberglass camper. There is an extensive web forum about these type of campers ( and, of course, Lil Snoozy has a website (google Lil Snoozy). It is built in South Carolina. We took several short trips in November and early December and will actually be using the camper this Christmas. We have too many family members coming to be able to sleep everyone this year. So we are giving our bedroom to one family and my DH and I are going to sleep out in the Lil Snoozy (aka Marigold) which is now parked in our driveway. Home camping!

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