Seven out of eight eggs hatched

(Zone 6b)

This is a very short youtube video of the chicks that hatched last week. They are five days old now. I put them in a dish and took a video of them.

If you notice on the right one raises his head way up and you can tell he is a SHOWGIRL! Yes, I got two showgirls out of these eggs. Both I guess are blue. One is very light colored blue, my favorite. I'm hoping the little light colored one with spots is a splash. The other two with the partridge markings... well I guess that was my mistake leaving them with the partridge rooster too long. Not sure how they will turn out. Probably not good.

Still I am excited about these two showgirls.

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(Zone 6b)

The daddy rooster was a pretty blue one I bought at the Shawnee, Oklahoma Poultry Show last December. I bought the Showgirl there too. She is the mother of the two Showgirl babies, I'm sure.

The other hens I had in with the rooster were two whites, a nice splash, and a black from a good bloodline. I locked my lesser hens up and didn't let them out. So, I don't know exactly what chicks came from what hens, but I know they were all fairly good quality silkies.

Richmond, TX

Sounds like a really good hatch, congratulations!

(Zone 6b)

I wasn't sure what I'd get, especially from the two white hens breeding with the blue rooster. Now, I'm wondering what in the world is going on. The little yellow ones with spots that I hoped were splash are now getting gray wings. ?? What in the world?

I guess since I have no history on these birds really, they could be carrying other genes from different colors.

I mean I know I messed up not waiting long enough to get rid of the partridge rooster before I started picking up the eggs, but yellow with black spots? The oldest one is pretty and very much acting like a little rooster. Maybe I can get a picture.

I really enjoy having the babies. It is a little stressful wondering how I'm going to take care of them all. There is always Craig's list and other websites where they sell birds. Maybe I can get rid of them locally. If not, they sell birds at the poultry shows, at least they do in Oklahoma.

I have a couple of roosters I would like to get rid of too. Remember the big hen I called Big Bird? Yep, it is definitely a rooster and is a nice looking bird. It really is too tall to be a good silkie though, and it's earlobes are red, and not blue. This is not good if you want to breed to show. Maybe somebody would buy him and take good care of him. He really is pretty, he just isn't .. well, he just isn't. The lady knew it when she sold it to me. My brain was out to lunch that day.

From the roosters at the horse lot, I would like to get rid of the mean white rooster, Alvin. He flogged me again this morning. The older blue rooster, I don't really like the way he is built. I have two black roosters that just aren't great either. Now, I'll have these new baby roosters too. The daddy rooster of these babies is fairly good quality.

These babies are so sweet. They are here in the living room under the little Brinsea heater eating. They have great appetites.

I must say the Brinsea heaters are much better than the lights. The bad thing is you can't see them as well. They have done really well under the heater though.

Bridgewater, ME

LFJ I would really like to see some of your silkies,maybe we could do an egg trade this spring.I have posted a few pics of my silkies and showgirls.

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