Need suggestions for tv stand

Milwaukee, WI

I would like your ideas on re-purposing
some type of furniture for a 55" flat screen

Englewood, FL

Check used furniture stores, consignment shops, Goodwill ,yard sales etc., lots of good stuff can be found, use your imagination, something like a ladies dresser with mirror removed maybe, almost new, beat up, antique, natural finish, painted, shabby chic, what ever fits you décor, the possibilities are endless.

Newark, DE

I agree with Ifantail - look for something of substantial size to make sure the TV is stable. A dresser works but also a buffet server is long and usually a little lower than a dresser. They also often have sliding doors rather than drawers making it easy to swap out for glass if preferred, for your electronics (surrond sound, blue ray etc). That would be my choice, then just finish it to match other pieces in the room.

Englewood, FL

Scroll down to Mud_Elf's flea market dresser for a good example.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

check out Craigslist for Credenza also, those will be about the dimensions you want. OR even a lateral file cabinet. LONG low coffee table... those are the only things that come to mind for me beyond what has been already mentioned.

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