Eggplant leaves turning white

Sugar Land, TX


My eggplant leaves are getting white spots. This is literally in a matter of days. I am attaching a photograph.

Could anyone please advise what could be happening and how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance

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SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Tell me a bit more about those eggplants, please, and I"ll see if I can help.

When did you plant them?
What medium are they planted in?
How are you watering them? Drip? hand held hose? (looks like that could be some sun scald from water back splash).
What are you feeding them?

Answer these ??s and it might give me a clue. Although, I'm guessing it's from water splashing up on the leaves during the sunny part of the day...


P.S. My soil thermometer tells me the ground is beginning to cool off (85), even though our air temps are still scorching. My eggplants are still cranking out, but I can tell they're slowing down. I've got another harvest ready to pick today. This will be my fourth.

I'm giving them another 4-6 weeks in the raised bed, at which time my cole crops seedlings will be ready to take their place...


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Sugar Land, TX

Hello Gymgirl,

The eggplants were planted about three months ago. They have come along quite nicely in growth and foliage so far, although not as prolific with their produce as I had hoped. They have profusely flowered but not a heck lot of eggplant thereafter.

These are planted in a raised vegetable patch in soil that was advertised as to be a vegetable mix. I subsequently mixed a low release fertilizer prior to planting the saplings.

I use a hand held hoseto water the plants though occasionally i suspect it gets sploshed by the automatic garden sprinkler. The sprinkler runs well before sunrise and i water it early in the morning as well.

Also, something quite strange transpired last week. All my plants (eggplant, bell peppers, jalapenos, cayennes, okra) suddenly came to life almost as if for a last hurrah for this summer.

Any advise will be much appreciated.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Hi, Megamunchers!

Still trying to figure out your mystery. A few more ??s:

What variety of eggplant are you growing, and where'd you get the plant? Seeds? Store bought?

Upon further inspection of your pic, I notice they look a bit pale, which could be a result of over watering. "Sprinkler before sunrise," and then you "water it early in the morning as well..."

Could you post another picture, so I can see the whole plant? Maybe that'll give me a clue.


Pic #1 Pot Black Eggplants, picked at their prime. Notice how shiny they are. They range from ping pong ball to cutie oranges in size, and do very well in containers...

Pic #2 Pot Black Eggplants that have started going dull from being on the vine past their prime. These may be a tad bitter. Notice how they are changing color from the shiny black...

Pic #3 Listada de Gandia Eggplants, waaaay past prime. Notice how dull they are. Some are even turning yellow. The ones with the darkest stripes are probably the freshest of the lot, but they all will be very bitter....

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Sugar Land, TX

Hello Gymgirl:

I supplement the sprinkler with hosed water only when the soil appears dry. I had the sprinkler heads adjusted away from the vegetable patch, invariably it gets a slight soak when they operate.

I am attaching a photograph of the whole plant. Hope this sheds some light.

I have also not picked any more whitening leaves the last several days.

Any input you can give will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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