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compost newbie

Canton, OH(Zone 6a)

Morning Everyone:

I have a few questions:
1- It's not ideal but is it okay to have my compost pile/bins on the north edge of my yard?
2- Where would one find free pallets?
3- I'm planning on getting a bee hive next spring. The compost pile will be about 40 feet from it. Is that okay? It seems okay to me. I don't know why bees would want to be in compost.

Thank you,

Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

Yes it is Ok to have your compost pile on the north edge of the property, any location is better than no location.
Around here free pallets are easy to find, but locations make a lot of difference in their availability. Check with any company that would receive a lot of freight. Just keep an eye out for them, once you start looking you will be surprised how many are out there, but you just never paid any attention to them before. When I am out picking up leaves I often run across pallets being thrown away.
I have no experience with bees, but it would not be a matter of them getting in the compost (I don't think, I have had yellow jackets buzzing around the compost) I just wonder if you might upset them and risk being stung with them that close as. If you are out there turning your compost and maybe using a shredder or mower to shred leaves and stuff it might tend to aggravate them.

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