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my lillies

Jamestown, TN

I separated and replanted some of my lillies, which all bloomed nicely. I've collected some seeds from the seed pods and wondered how to deal with them, when to plant, how and how long to store.

Thumbnail by substitutequeen
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

If these are the Hard Black seeds we get from some lilies, then fill a seed trays with seed compost and put these black seeds into the compost, don't plant them too close, about half inch apart will be fine, (too close can make seeds go tall and leggy, and that is the cause of the fungal disease called Damping off) this causes the soft green shoots to topple over and die and it occurs in matter of hours, allowing a bit of space between seeds avoids this happening.
once you feel the seedlings are large enough to handle, you can prick them out individually and replant in another seed tray with fresh compost for seeds, and set the seedlings into the compost about 2 inches apart. care as for any tender little plants, they will ofcource look like grass leaves for a couple of years, then when large enough, plant individually out into bed / borders, mark the spot with canes and that helps you identify where these little plants are add label with all info needed.

IF these are small tiny bulbs, picked from the leaf axle on the stems as some lily bulbs re-produce that way, then plant as for the second stage of the seed info above, the little bulblet's are just like seeds that have done the first stage of germination, so your seeds are a year ahead so to speak, treat them all the way like info given for the black seeds I gave earlier above.

Hope this helps you out a little, Good luck and enjoy watching nature at it's best with a little help from us gardeners.
Best Regards.

Jamestown, TN

thank you so much! I will certainly follow your instructions


Dearborn, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi there,
try this site and good luck, I planted several kinds, I got the seeds from professional sellers and I am waiting for my lily pods to dry out so I can collect them, wish me luck
If you need more information I can dig up some of what I collected from the web

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