Fennel root question

Grand Haven, MI(Zone 5a)

My dd brought home a huge mass of what I think is fennel. The seeds are mind blowingly flavorful! It looks like fennel. But there is no bulb system, just clumps of stems attached to a tuberous root. Is this Fennel? And if not...um...what have I been chewing on all day today? LOL! (MMMMMM!)

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Hemet, CA(Zone 9b)

Looks like wild dill to me. I've been tempted many times to stop and pick it on the road side. Will be interested as to what further you find out.


Broby, Denmark(Zone 8a)

It certainly looks a great deal like the fennel I have had in my garden. The clincher would be the anise taste. It is pretty strong. It will also seed all over the place and most other plants don't like being near it.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Florence fennel has a bulb, the one that naturalized just has a long tap root, Dill is a cousin, so, let us know how your snack treats your gut... I cant even handle dill seeds without it beinng too strong for my system, chuckl. I think the anise smell an flavor are stronger in fennel, dill smells more like a kerosene flavored carrot tho mild to me, until its older.

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