Moving grape hyacinths in the fall but they have leaves!

East Merrimack, NH

I would like to move some grape hyacinth and crocus bulbs this fall (second year we are in this house) but have noticed leaf spikes coming out of the ground where the grape hyacinths and crocuses were blooming this spring. Is this normal? Will the plants be damaged if I move them while they are pushing growth?

Thanks in advance


Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

No, they'll be fine. Just replant them at the same depth. It is normal for muscari to put out leaves in fall.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I agree with altagardener and I would also go ahead and move the plants, all I can add at this stage is to dig the new planting area in readiness for any new plantings.
It's also a good time to add humus to the new planting soil as this will allow the plants to thrive for many more years and at the same time, you can split up the bulbs when they are out of the soil and you find the clumps are too over crowded.
Good luck and make sure you don't plant too deeply, the bulbs will have a mark as to where the soil came up the stems, use that as a guide to the new planting depth.
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East Merrimack, NH

Thanks! Plant moving starts this weekend!

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