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Cohoes, NY

My son wanted to plant some seeds. So he planted some dwarf sunflowers and some morning glories. Every single one grew and now I have no idea what to do with them. When do I move them? Do i have to move them? I never thought they would have all grown.

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I honestly think it's too late for planting out now as we are heading towards Autumn, however as these are only a packet of seeds and your child has had the pleasure of watching them germinate, cared for them and now finds they are going to grow too big for the pot they are in, perhaps you can help him plant into individual pots and place in as much light as you can, then watch what happens, maybe there will be flowers especially on the Sun Flowers, not sure if there is enough warmer weather left before winter for the Morning Glories though. Make sure child handles the seedlings by the leaf and NOT the stem as that would probably kill the seedlings or allow disease to enter the tender stems.
Good Luck. WeeNel.

Cohoes, NY

I actually have a room in my house with an overhead growing light. I can not fit all of them under it however. Do you think if we put a few in a window sill they might make it. Well that is what I am going to try at least. Thank you and I did not know that about the stem and flower. We are going to move them tomorrow.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The truth is, IF you have really cold winters then the plants IF outside would die anyway, what you havw to take into account is the fact that the plants your little one has grown are Annuals, that is the germinate from seed, grow, then flower and set seeds again for that season, in your case this season (summer) so reality and nature dictates that it is well past flowering time when you take into account your seeds have only JUST germinated, they would normally take another 2 month or longer to reach flowering size and maturity, would normally finish flowering by end of September and there after, scatter there seeds as nature has intended.
What you want to TRY imitate is the light of summer conditions AND the warmth of the same period to try imitate the growing season that ALL annuals require.

What I'm trying to help you do is try keep the plants growing all be it you need to try replicate the conditions in doors as they would have had outdoors at the start of summer, I only ask this because your little one has done really well to grow from seeds and it would be nice if he / she could watch the next stage of the growing process, My gut feeling is the plants wont make it now at this late stage BUT as I said before, what have you got to loose other than a very disappointed child which could be worse than NOT trying to keep them growing. Perennials germinate and grow one year and flower the next but with FEW exceptions of these rules.
I would try explain to the said child that Annual plants have a start time and that is early spring so the plants can make flowers before they die down and scatter next years seeds and that might save the day IF things go wrong.

Fingers crossed and best regards.

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The morning glories are vines and frost will get them as it will the sunflower. I expect the dwarf sunflowers to be 3 or 4 foot tall. I'd pot up a couple of each for your son. They are going to need some additional light besides a window. Whether they flower or not your son will have learned something. The way things have been going this year I don't think we are going to get much more than 2 more weeks without a frost. If you are right on top of the river you might get a little longer.

Cohoes, NY

Thank you. I am going to replant three of them and keep them under a growing light. I bought a new light for him. Hopefully at least one will make it. Yes he did an amazing job. Every single seed that little guy planted has grown and is doing amazing lol. I have never been that lucky. Beginners luck :) I would love for him to see what he can do and create with his own hands. The seeds came from the dollar store. Like I said, I never thought they would grow, but I did not want to tell him that. I wanted him to love gardening as much as I do. Now he wants to plant a tree. Maybe next spring. I think our next venture is going to be trying to grow a banana lotus together.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

What I've found that works nice for a plant light is to get a brooder fixture.


They are about $10 at TSC and put a 26 watt CFL in it. The brooder fixture is built much better that a utility light of the same style as it's designed to take a 250watt infrared bulb. When I figure out were I posted the picture I'll link to it.

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