Are You Ready for Some Football? NFL 2013

Ocean Springs, MS

Good morning! I'm a born and bred die-hard New Orleans Saints Fan!
Looking for some NFL fans to chat with throughout the season!
Anyone game? :)

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I didn't find this thread until now!! YES Ma'am, my game face is on!!!!!!!

Not sure I dare say this aloud, considering their season (and pre-season) thus far, but I am a full-on STEELERS fan!! When I got my braces, my bands were Black-and-Gold. (now they're just gold, but I wear a lot of black to try to match up). :)

DH and I make our picks every week (we have the entire schedule printed out), and so far I'm whoopin' his butt by 8 games, Wheeeee!!!!!!! Last season ended with me being down by only TWO games, so this season, I'm gonna wipe up the floor with him! < =D

How are you enjoying the season so far? 4-0, WOW!!! Off to a grrrrrrrrreat start!! =)

Ocean Springs, MS

Hi! So nice to see someone else found this! Saints are up 5-0! YES!
I loved the Steelers when Terry Bradshaw played for them! They won Superbowl 2 times with him!
BUT I'll always be a true black and gold Saints fan! Love dem! Who dat!
Keep in touch! And never give up on your home team!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Your saints are my pick in this week's game of theirs coming up; looking forward to another check-mark in my WIN column! :)

The STEELERS however... I feel so bad for all those guys, including the coach, 'cause it's not like they are all awful... I just don't know what's up with them this year. That front line NEEDS to protect Ben! Surely he can't keep scrambling like an egg forever!
Meanwhile, I've got fresh STEELERS gold (aka: yellow, heehee) bands on my braces, and I wear my colours proudly! =)

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

We finally WON!!! TWICE!!!! < =D Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Saw this pic of "Bob" on the front of the sports page ... last weekend, I think it was. ("Bob", from the Deadskins...) ... I had to make his shirt look better. It looks nice, don't ya think?

I guess just that emblem was enough to rejuvenate him! < =D

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Ocean Springs, MS

Hey, missed your last post... We got our first loss, but it's still early in the season!

Yeah for the Steelers! Glad they WON! I get so upset that the commentators STILL keep bringing up that we had the worst defense in history last year! Time to let it go and focus on what they are doing this year! And that's the way it should be for your Steelers!

Go black and gold! (that covers both our teams) ♥

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

The Saints are looking at a 16-1 season, I can just feel it!! DH and I made our picks last night for this week's games, and as soon as he said "New Orleans..." I didn't let him finish -- doesn't matter who they're playing, the Saints are my pick. Gonna be a sad day November 10 when they play the Cowboys 'cause that's DH's team. Really going to be sad to have to pick against him. < =P heeheeheee Honestly, it's going to be a tough pick, 'cause the Boys have a tendency to play "UP" to, or "Down" to their opponents, and with an opponent like the Saints, they may REALLY bring their game-faces. Should be a great game!

The Steelers... well, I made a boo-boo when I said they'd won "twice"... wishful thinking, LOL!! (or, was it foresight?? Hmmm...) ;) But, they've got some fixing to do, no doubt. Coach Tomlin has been looking very serious on the sideline of late... he doesn't tolerate slackerism, and I'm sure that's what it looks like through his eyes. Oooooh boy, I'd hate to have been in the locker room after some of those games!! < =/


Ocean Springs, MS

Oh, don't I know it! I want to go to one of their games so bad... only live 90 minutes from New Orleans! I've never been a Cowboys fan, so I'm going to be chanting "Geaux Saints!" LOL

Well, I think you have made a prediction for the second win! I watch Sean Peyton on the sidelines and I know when they go into that locker room during halftime, they get a good lecture if one is needed. I hate it when they make stupid penalties... makes me want to yank the player off the field and tell them, "If you're gonna play stupid, then you're gonna look stupid! Now sit there on the bench!" and then slap them in the head! Haha! In NOLA, they call the red zone the "Slap Ya Moma" zone because that's the company that has the advertisement rights. I say that I need to be on the sidelines next to Peyton and have a "Moma Slap Ya Zone" when they make stupid penalties!

Black and Gold all the way! :-)

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Oh man, YEAH, those silly nonsensical penalties are like "Uuuugh! What's-a mattah you, eh!? Come here and let me smack you!" LOL!!!!!!!! Clay Matthews has his "Mom Cave", so yes, you need to be Peyton's Momma Slap Ya Zone! < =D Hahahahaahaa!!

Hoping for clean-penalty-free (and pick-6-free!) games today!!! < =/

Ocean Springs, MS

I don't watch much college football! And I am NOT a Bama fan! UGH! LSU all the way!

My kids are all here on Sundays and they call me the "Saints Monster" because I get so worked up. But they love it! They've even started watching some of the games with me! LOL

We play tomorrow at 12 Central time. What time do the Steelers play?

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

We'll be playing @ the (Oakland) Raiders today at 4:00 EST. Thankfully I'll be home from work by then! =)

I am definitely not into any college football at all... would be too hard to follow 'cause there are a million teams and a zillion games to follow every season to really keep up on who's who, where, doing what, etc. We record and watch 5-6 NFL games per week after we make our pics; along with work and my going to school, that's nearly over-load for us. =)

Heeheee, funny moment at work yesterday; had a couple of customers come in at work yesterday; they were neighbors and buddies. One was fully decked out in Steelers black and gold, the other the Deadskins' burgundy and gold. Steelers-man walked in first, and I greeted him with "Well, HELLO THERE fellow STEELERS fan!! 85% off everything for you!!.....(to his buddy)... Ooooh, a Redskins fan? Double-price on everything for you!" Hahahahaahaaa!!!! It's always fun to see what ensues after saying something like that! One wanted to move in, and one wanted to leave immediately, HAA!! < =D

MUCH Black-and-Gold cheering will be going on today!!!!! =)

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