Squash & Stink Bug Cure?

High Point, NC

I know I'm being ridiculously hopeful, but I've got two zucchini plants that are doing great, neither which have been attacked (as yet) by squash or stink bugs. I plopped the seeds down in the middle of a mature chives patch. Every other squash plant I've planted at the exact same time has been attacked, but not these two plants.

Now granted, these plants haven't bloomed yet. l guess that will be when the squash will send out its "eat me please" signal. I'm going to try NOT to spray these two plants. I'll report back my findings.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

they have had a field day around my tomato plants this year, ive been plucking "swiss cheese" tomatoes, lol. The only thing i have found that will help keep them down is to squash them as i see them (yes, even despite the smell), that has kept the numbers from being totally overwhelming for me. of course, my experience would not be the same for everyone else. :)

now if its squash bugs, get some organic spray that contains Spinosad in it--which is made from bacteria that are naturally already in the soil. This is what i used specifically, i had some squash bug nymphs on one of my fruits a while back, i gave them a good shower of the stuff, later that day, all gone.


High Point, NC

I'll have to try it. What did your squash bug nymphs look like? I had these wicked looking little red nymphs (looks like an ant with black legs and antennae) on one of my suffering squash plants, and I thought they were assassin bugs. Today the nymphs have disappeared and I saw one of those rotten squash bugs on the same plant! It seems impossible they're the same bugs, but I wasn't standing around when they "transformed."

I've got my fingers crossed about my zucchini planted among the chives.

Good luck with those maters! It makes me mad when the critters eat better than I do!

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

the ones i had to deal with were white, same black legs though


High Point, NC

Yep. As of this morning, I've got those monsters all over the squash I planted among the chives! So chives aren't the cure. I'm definitely going to buy the Spinosad product. Darned little monsters!

Moores Mill, AL(Zone 7a)

My first post at Dave's! I've had very good luck spraying soapy water on both stinkbugs and squash bugs this year. It will also drop a Japanese beetle.

High Point, NC

Hi mamadigsdirt,

Are you using dish detergent or soap, as in bath soap? I might give it a try. I read somewhere you can vacuum up bugs, but I expect the little white men in little white jackets would show up and cart me away.

I watered this morning and three or four stink bugs came crawling out. A sort of "now you see 'em, now you don't," but in reverse. I admit to throwing some Sevin dust on them (I used a cosmetic brush), but I'm not even sure THAT will work. I've got cats that like to play in the garden, and I can't do anything to hurt my babies.

**I went out and watered my pumpkins, and they're loaded with squash bugs (stink bugs too). I mixed up some dish detergent, olive oil and water (1/3 ratio each), shook the bottle, and went out squash bug hunting. By jingle, it killed the squash bugs (but not the stink bugs!). Hard to kill something wearing a helmet.

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

sceintists have been talking about introducing a parasitic wasp into the U.S. which are the only natural enemies of this specific species of stink bug (brown marmorated) that hitchhiked over here on a shipment. They are REALLY REALLY tiny (2MM), but they will inject their eggs directly into the stink bug eggs, and the stink bug egg is literally eaten from the inside out. But as far as i know they are still testing to make sure it would only attack the brown marmorated stink bug eggs, and not the eggs of ALL other stink bugs (the brown marmorated is pretty much the only species that is attacking our veggies)

Although i do wonder if they do release them, that we would see a news article some time after that would read something like "Scientists looking for ways to control wasp invasion", lol.

I have noticed the Garden Orbweaver spiders (brown bodies with striped legs) have started to come out--one of the more subtle signs that autumn is coming. And there is one that made its web right in front of the bathroom window, and i have actually watched it catch and make a meal out of these stink bugs with out so much as a flinch from the smell they make.

High Point, NC

Yes, autumn is in the wind. I take a stick outside in the mornings to clear a path from door to wherever I'm going. I don't kill the spiders, just knock down any webs in close proximity.

My gorgeous "writing " spiders didn't make an appearance this year. It may be because I cut down on planting flowers, and I've been fairly scrupulous about keeping the borders clean.

I do hope the scientists don't release another pestilence on us. The intellectual set brought us killer bees and kudzu, just to mention a couple of imports gone wrong.

High Point, NC

After spraying my concoction yesterday (1/3 olive oil, water, and dish soap), I'm happy to report I see extremely few squash bugs this morning (stink bugs too, though they might not be out this early). I'm excited and hopeful, since I've two squash plants ready to set blooms. I'm going to buy some of the Castile soap and try it in lieu of dish soap. If it works, and I actually get a few zucchini, I might try growing squash next year.

One thing is apparent: I'm going to have to stay on-point to keep the rascals in check. The plant munchers move in quickly!

Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

Oh yes, the little guys definitely believe in a "First come, first serve" philosophy, lol!

High Point, NC

Eek! I pulled up some stakes today, and the mulch in my garden came alive with stinkbugs! I dragged a rake through the mulch, sprayed the ones I saw, and admit to feeling guilty for it. At this stage (other than breeding), I doubt the little monsters are doing much harm. Some of the stink bugs were white-mottled-gray. Should I leave the lighter-colored stinkbugs alone? I've heard only the darker stinkbugs attack vegetables.

Any thoughts?


Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

did they look anything like this?


If so, that is the nymph (immature) version of the brown marmorated stink bug..the ones that really love munching on our veggies (note the bright markings on either side of its back side.)


Cascade, VA(Zone 7a)

i may be wrong about how the nymph stage looks, there are about a billion stink bug nymph photos online with the "brown marmorated" name slapped on it

High Point, NC

Thanks for the information. The ones shown via the link are darker than the ones in my garden. I think I'll just whack them if (when) they show up on my plants.

Time to get back to watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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