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Injured bird, trying to find potential owner.

London, United Kingdom

Hi, earlier today we found a bird walking under cars almost getting run over. It was unable to fly as it is injured. We have taken it in and given it some water and some bird food and put it in a cage in a room. We have cats so we cannot just release it in our garden. Also since it looks a bit like a parakeet we believe it is possible that it may have an owner who we might try to locate.

Anyway, this is a picture of the bird. It is grey with white in the middle and a big crest. It is about the side of a hand.

Anybody know what it might be. Thank you for your help.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Looks like it might be a Cockatoo. Might google them and see if that is what it is. Other than that a Cockatiel. But, don't think that is it. Hope you find the owner so they can have it taken care of.

Do any of your veterinarians take them in? Here there are people who will take in injured birds but they are almost all geared to certain types. And, they are licensed and certified by our Fish and Wildlife Agency. My sister had a crow that was in her yard with an injured wing. She called the FW Agency and they told her a vet where she could take it. They told her that they would x-ray it and if it was in the joint, they couldn't help the bird but if it was a bone they could. I suppose a splint on it. Good luck with it.

PERTH, Australia

Yes, it's a cockatiel. Releasing it would lead to its death. It's probably an escaped pet. Jnette's advice is worth following. Your local vet or shelter should be able to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, seed, water and a warm, draught and stress free (no cats and minimal noise) environment is helpful. Cover the cage with a towel at night. It will feel safer. and yes, good luck. They are beautiful birds.

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