Fothergilla Shade Tolerance

Islip, NY

I am seeing conflicting reports of Fothergilla's degree of shade tolerance. Some sources say light, some dense. Are there any varieties (preferably the smaller ones) that are more shade tolerant than others? If the larger varieties are more shade tolerant, are they amenable to pruning to keep them in bounds?

I am in zone 6 and doing a renovation of an existing garden. My landscaper has suggested Fothergilla Beaver Creek. The shrub would be going in on the north side of a fence and in the shade of a large, but well-elevated red maple. Could a Fothergilla be happy here? If not do you have another suggestion?

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I think Fothergilla could be quite happy there - meaning, it should live and grow and flower.

Know that most all plants will flower more heavily/densely with more sunlight provided. Also know that a large red maple is typically a thirsty plant, and your new Fothergilla may need some extra moistural affection to get established and compete in this environment. Fothergilla is not typically tolerant of extensive dry periods.

I have grown Fothergilla 'Beaver Creek' for quite a few years, on circumneutral clay loam. Long droughty weather is what it finds disfavor with.

Islip, NY

Dear Virbirnum Valley

A belated thank you for your reply and advice. My fothergilla flowered nicely this spring and is growing and healthy. All after a particularly harsh winter here on Long Island.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You are quite welcome, and glad that you've had success with this fine plant.

Maybe you will favor us with an image or two of your Fothergilla 'Beaver Creek'...

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