Wild cucumber growing in Massachusetts!

Lunenburg, MA(Zone 5b)

Found this growing on my deck, left it because it was so pretty, then just noticed the fruit! Did some research and discovered this west coast native had somehow hitched a ride to New England! Anyone else have wild cucumber growing wild in the Northeast?

Alas, I will pull it and trash it. I live in a protected wetlands district and I don't want it propagating into the native meadow next to the house.

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Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

It's a nasty and here in rural upstate NY can be quite invasive. Don't let the seeds dry and germinate or you'l be over run.

Lunenburg, MA(Zone 5b)

Yikes! Thanks for the tip.

Thomaston, CT

I see it once in awhile....my art teacher did a beautiful watercolor of it.......

Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

We have it growing in my area. Thanks for the reminder to pull it when I see one.

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