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Day to remember

central, NJ(Zone 6b)


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Thomaston, CT

Thanks, Jen, for this thread.....I was listening to the radio this morning & they were playing tapes from that day....tears started immediately....I was in Kport, Maine.....my stepdaughter & her husband were working in Manhattan....he saw the second plane, was locked down in his bank office....my nephew's wife was in charge of Manhattan's bridges at that time.....I had the scary episode of meeting 2 Middle Eastern men with powerful binoculars at Parson's Beach....no one else was there.....of course, at the time, no one knew what was happening, no one knew the hijackers had come into Portland, Maine.....after things were sorted out, I looked upon my experience with horror....I'm sure there was a connection between those men & the turmoil.....they may have been watching Bush's compound in Maine......

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

oh wow, did you ever call and report them?

Yep still tear up every time I hear or see news clips from that day

Thomaston, CT

No, Jen, it was months after that I put things together, & I didn't get a license plate number from their car.... just didn't know what was going on at that point, I only knew the men were not dressed for walking on the beach, & they certainly didn't appear to be bird watchers....I thought maybe they were signaling a ship out in the ocean.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

oh too bad

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