CLOSED: Garden Seeds For Sale Many Kinds To Choose From Over 900 Kinds BULK ALSO

Elma, WA

We have a very large selection of garden seeds and many kinds of flower seeds. If you needs seeds for this up coming spring buy early we have over 900 different kinds to pick from and sell in larger quanity. We grow many of these our self to start at our nursery and we can get a better price buying and bulk and then resell the rest we don't use. All seeds come with instructions on how we plant ours and what has worked well for us in starting them. You can find us at or go to the google search and type in Garden Starts Nursery and take a look around at our ebay store. Shipping is just $2.50 no matter how many packs you buy in the US and $9.00 to other countries no matter how many packs you buy. If you are looking for a larger bulk amount go to we have a bunch of different kind in bulk for sale there get your seeds early for this up coming spring.

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