Looking for banana cannas - canna musafolia

Phoenix, AZ

Anyone know where I can find some? Or anyone have some for sale/postage?

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

hey barb,
i got mine this spring at Martha's Garden online. i found her through DG. i just posted a picture on this forum of how they've done...not quite 4 months since i put them in the ground.

here's the link: http://www.marthassecrets.com/

i meant Marthassecrets.....

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Phoenix, AZ

Thanks trackinsand! I was pretty excited she has 4 left. However she states per state law she can't ship to AZ? That's odd? I had already found some on E-bay, but would have bought a few more :(

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

i see that a lot...not being able to ship to AZ or CA especially. lots of stuff can't be shipped to FL from out west either.....

Marlboro, NJ

Be very careful what you buy on ebay. I have received virused plants from so many people there is only one company I will by from. Karchesky canna in the last number of years must have shipped me over 150 plants or more and not one of those was virused They do sell them on ebay under the name beloved1 They also have a blog where they show over 150 varieties that are for sale. Their plants are thebiggest that I have received and have the biggest blooms on their plants that I have ever seen and I'm gardening for more than 60 years.
I just reread this and it sounds like a commercial. I guess I'm a big fan

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