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CLOSED: Heirloom Fall Seeds or Heirloom Seed Banks for 39.99 Free Shipping on al

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds sold by Seeds & Things

*Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Be Sure to Check out our Awesome Variety of Heirloom Seed Banks, Each one carefully designed & Sealed in Mylar with Oxygen Absorber for extended storage.

Buy 7 or more packs of any seeds and have them sealed in a Mylar bag for FREE

*Large Quantities of Seeds in many Varieties; FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

About US

We are a licensed family owned and operated business that provides many Rare Heirloom Vegetable Seeds to the public with free shipping to your door. We currently have over 100 different kinds of seeds! Vegetable Seeds and Herbs too..... Wild Flowers and Seed Banks for you! Our vegetable seeds are all heirloom meaning they have not been chemically or genetically altered in any way form or fashion. We support small farms and Gardens in the USA and have signed the safe seed pledge to commit the right way. Why plant (Genetically Modified Organisms)-GMO seeds which have not been properly researched and tested to ensure safe for your family. Our heirloom vegetable seeds are all open pollinated and can be easily harvested from your mature vegetables to grow again and again. So before you go out and look for seeds give us a try to healthily meet you needs!

"Seeds and Things is a Safe Seed Pledge Member". For more information on the Safe Seed Pledge click on our About Us page. We do not use any pesticides on our plants.

We offer Low Prices, Top Quality Seeds, Handpicked, and Packaged with Care!

We offer Paypal checkout or you can checkout through our Verisign secure store checkout.

List of Contents for $39.99 Heirloom Seed Bank advertised above, 30,070 Plus Seeds included!

Buttercrunch Lettuce QTY. 2,200
Contender Bush Beans QTY. 50
Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds QTY. 150
Di Cicco Broccoli QTY. 50
Golden Acre Cabbage Seed QTY. 1,000
Red Acre Cabbage Seeds QTY. 1,000
Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seed QTY. 3,000
Georgia Southern Collard Green Seeds QTY. 2,000
Golden Bantam 8 Sweet Corn QTY. 50
Ashley Cucumber QTY. 30
Black Beauty Eggplant QTY. 250
Blue Curled Scotch Dwarf Kale QTY. 2,000
Iceberg Lettuce Seeds QTY. 2,500
Paris Island Cos Lettuce QTY. 2,500
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce QTY. 2,200
Southern Giant Curled Mustard Seed QTY. 2,500
Clemson Spineless 80 Okra Seeds QTY. 70
Tokyo Long White Onion Seeds QTY. 250
White Sweet Spanish Onion Seed QTY. 200
Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea QTY. 50
Green Arrow Pea QTY. 50
California Wonder Bell Pepper QTY. 50
Cherry Belle Radish Seeds QTY. 800
American Purple Top Rutabaga Seed QTY. 4,500
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach QTY. 400
Black Beauty Zucchini Squash QTY. 30
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash QTY. 51
HomeStead Tomato Seeds QTY. 150
Large Red Cherry Tomato QTY. 125
Purple Top White Globe Turnip QTY. 4,000
Crimson Sweet Watermelon QTY. 10
Sugar Baby Watermelon QTY. 14
Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe QTY. 10
Orange Flesh Honeydew QTY. 10

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Sale this weekend 09/20-09/22 on this seed bank! Only 34.99 Free Shipping!

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