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Help! Wrinkled *Epiphyllum oxypetalum,Night Blooming Cereus*

*Epiphyllum oxypetalum,Night Blooming Cereus*

I am in love with this plant. It is my first Cereus. I have had it for 6 months and it has been super healthy!
It normally sits in the sunniest spot of our lounge.

However ... today was a super sunny day - and I got home the leaves have gone a bit yellowy brown and super wrinkly (it is normally waxy smooth) - I have misted it with water as I think it is sunburnt(?)

What does it have? and how do I save it?

I purchased special cactus soil for it too :( !!


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San Francisco, CA

Yes, they can be sunburned. I wouldn't worry too much but the pot you have seem to be too small and that can make the leaves wrinkled. I have propagated a lot of night blooming cerus and they don't need a big pot but need repotting every 2 yrs. The leaves won't turn back green or unwinkle but you can have new growth and the new growth will be healthy once the situation is corrected.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

These plants are epiphytes from tropical rain forests, so don't treat it like a cactus, though it may like the cactus soil very much, just water more often than you would a real cactus, don't let it get completely parched. As they would naturally be hanging in a tree, or on the ground under it if they fell out, too much sun can be overwhelming.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I agree with Purpleinopp, these are like a lot of plants that latch onto another type of growth (trees / shrubs ect) and use these as a way of getting nutrients, water and PART light, they don't want full hot blazing sun and the heat of strong sunlight through glass will de-hydrate them causing the foliage to work too hard trying to shade the plant from the magnified sunlight from the glass.
Just remove the plant from the STRONG sun but allow it to have good light, keep away from winter draughts and away from heating boilers or radiators, Mist the foliage regularly and this gives humidity and removed dust from the pores in the leaves,
As mentioned, give a larger pot and by all means use a special Cacti or Orchid soil mix but after watering, wait half hour and then drain away any excess water from the saucer, they don't like roots sitting in wet and it would cause rot,
Hope we have all helped you understand your plants needs a little and all goes better from now on.
Kindest Regards. Weenel.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but this plant isn't parasitic, just epiphytic. It would not obtain nutrients from its' host, just use it as a support. Excellent advice about emptying the drain saucer.

I don't believe in misting but if you want to, please don't do it while the sun is shining on the plant.

New York City, United States

A couple leaves on my plant have gone beyond wrinkled to shriveled and brownish. I've never had this happen before. Is it because the plant has too much direct sun? Too much water? Should I cut off the shriveled leaves? Please help me nurse my plant back to health!

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San Francisco, CA

Yeah, I got a massive browning and die off from the cold winter. The plants outside all have some kind of leave burn off and sometimes died off all the way the root. One of my mother plant that's a big 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft lost all the leaves. You can always cut all the damaged leaves off and repot. Move it away from cold area. If you have a good piece of leave, I'll restart a new plant from a cutting to replace the damaged plant and you'll be surprise how much better the new plant will grow for you. I've about 10 new plants inside my window still they are all from trimmings from damaged leaves and they look much better then the ones I left outside in the elements.

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San Francisco, CA

I forgot to say when this happened, you should re-pot also. Cut off all dead limbs and shake off all old soil and give it a mild organic fertilizer(dilute it well) so it won't burn the leaves they are pretty sensitive.

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