CLOSED: Kitchen spider

Prince George, BC, Canada

This big guy was running across my kitchen. I scooped him up in a cup. It's been raining pretty hard all day so I assume that's why he's in the house, but this is just an orb weaver right? Nothing to worry about?

Thumbnail by WiccanMommy
Minot, ND

Yes, it is a harmless orb weaver in he genus Araneus, maybe Araneus trifolium -

Prince George, BC, Canada

Great, thank you. :)

Lubbock, TX

Can someone tell me what this is? Has a design on its back.

Thumbnail by BenitoJV Thumbnail by BenitoJV
Minot, ND

Orb weaving spider, looks like an Araneus sp., but I have never seen one with this particular pattern on its abdomen. BTW, it always is better to start a new thread rather than piggy-backing on an existing one.

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