Irradiation to create new cultivars?

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

I have heard that some new cultivars of flowers are the result of being subjected to irradiation, this creates new mutations of your ordinary flowers, making new size plants, variegation, affecting petals, and even color. Selective breeding for a trait could take years, with irradiation it could be only a few generations.

How does one do this, or are only labs able to do this? I purchased marigold seeds that had this done and there were loads of bizarre results!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Keithp2012; You would have to read up on Atomic weights , Everything has a decimal weight a PH weight
And a third atomic number I don't remember .

Basic , some metals , distort PH and natural Decimal atomic weight .. ( The example is sort of like metal poison with people )

A Few metals (chrome I remember being one of them ) Change or distort , or absorb radiation , (etc pollution these days ) Like clay does mercury ) .

Use an A or AA or AAA battery a little carbon rod + battery ( like charred chalk ) Small chrome or ? for - Attach your small wires to these keeping your self from light shocks if possible ..
Small amounts of of carbon and radon static that happen distort and mutate cells
Like cathode lights destroying human eyesight in computers .
These statics mutate cells ... same basis with plants .
That is from old science books 50 yrs ago .. the battery part I mean ..
That is how some dead seeds have also been brought back to life , so they say , at least then ,, a few old time thoughts to you

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