Has Ohio seen a decline in monarchs this year?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

Maine public radio reports that counters have found none. Other folks in the DG Northeast forum have similar reports. What's your experience?


New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Well..I will go on record as having seen NONE in Western Ohio near the Indiana border. I hadn't realized it, until I saw this post...but no...I haven't seen a one here. I have lots of butterflies too...big gardens. NO Monarchs this year!

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

I know I don't live in the area but haven't seen any Monarchs here this year - Long Island, zone 7.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

We have seen a few. Not any where near the normal amount. We normally bring in a few caterpillar's to watch grow and release. This year we were not able to find any caterpillar's to bring in.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

I shoot Butterfly pictures about every weekend and there are hardly any Monarchs out there.
I've seen maybe a dozen all year.
Not surprising as I haven't seen very many of ANY kind.

Thumbnail by henryr10 Thumbnail by henryr10
Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I haven't seen any. I was at a garden center where they always collect a few Monarch caterpillars to watch hatch out. She said Ohio is down 90% this year. She did find 14 and brought 7 in to hatch out. She left the other 7, but now wishes she had brought them in too. She released the 7 Monarchs she hatched.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks Ric, that was facinating. I would plant milkweed, but I never see it. Guess I'll have to make it a point to plant some come spring.

Springboro, PA(Zone 5a)

Hi Ric! How are you doing? I can't recall seeing any monarchs here in NW Pa. this summer.


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Hey EB! Long Time!
Doing well.

No butterflying today.
Raining pretty much since yesterday afternoon.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Just thought I'd give a little update.

I did indeed seek out milkweed to plant last year. It did ok, but I saw only one monarch last year and it didn't seem interested in my new milkweed plants.
BUT the good news is that they did find my 5 milkweed plants this year! I raised and released 42 monarchs this past September just in time to fly south!!

I'm really hopeful that next year will be an even better year!

Did you see more monarchs in 2015?

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