Indoor Grow Lights For Citrus Trees

Apple Valley, MN

Hi~! Newbie here~!! I have a Dwarf Lemon Tree and a Kishu Dwarf Orange Tree. I need to bring them indoors ASAP and want to put them under a 'grow' light.

Could anyone tell me if the Apollo Horticulture MH HPS Grow Light Digital Dimmable Ballast System for Plants - Cool Tube Hood Reflector Set is a good system or perhaps suggest something better~?

I really don't know much about growing these trees and the nursery gave me this website to get some great advice~!!

Thank you so very much in advance~!!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Don't know what to think, I replied to this but it isn't showing up so I will try again.

I am zone 5. I have a lemon tree and a fig tree in my solar room. It is just a narrow room with south facing windows. I don't provide any more light than the length of time that the day gives. I am not sure it is necessary to provide so much longer light as it is to provide good light. At least it works for me. I have 2 lemons hanging on and multiple blooms right now. The fig puts on blooms and figs randomly all winter.

Barnesville, PA

I have a 5 yr (6?) old Dwarf Tangerine with no blossoms, but it is growing like CRAZY !
Pics show full tree. The fertilizer I use and a close-up of the trunk - did I plant below the graft? should I cut off the lower branches ? (in pic 2) South facing window, 12 hrs of LED grow lights, misted several times a day. Fertilized every 3 wks.5.1+2.5+3.75.Last pic is evidence of overall health of tree & new growth.
Soil PH is 6.0 - 6.5 - done with liquid analyzer & NOT a push in wand. Soil drains very quickly - water once a wk.Keeping moist with a moisture probe.. Rotate pot in window 1/4 turn every wk or so.
HELP >>>>??? I need blossoms. MUST I repot ??- I see no evidence of root bound in a 12 x9 " pot

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