Troublesome Geese

Hull,Ga, GA(Zone 8a)

Hi everyone,
I have a pond in the back of my property and have a male and female geese there.
I just love them, but them have been coming up to my outdoor patio and hanging out. Needless to say, they are making a mess with their droppings and leaving feathers everywhere. Anything I can do to discourage them? I don't want to harm them, or put an unsightly fence up. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Cathryn

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Have you fed them up by your patio? If so it may be hard to get them to stop coming around. Also, you don't mention what sort of geese these are. Are they wild or domestic? I used to work at a community college where the Canadian geese had taken over parts of the campus. I've seen the grounds keepers use all sorts of things with minimal or no effect. About the best was the giant inflatable eyeballs. But if a goose wanted to walk past the eyeballs he would. Sometimes the flash tape would work, too. Geese are smart and hard to deter if they think food is involved.

In the short run, you could put up a temporary electric fence such as this:

Just to train them to stay out of certain areas. The electric poultry fencing will cost money, but they do work and you can take it down once the problem is solved.

Or, do you have a good herding dog such as a Corgi? Or a Catahoula (she likes to herd, too)? Pumpkin, the Catahoula, is just dreaming of a chance to run off a goose! Of course, they need to be trained to "leave it" once the geese are back to where they belong.

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northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

I've heard of motion control devices that attach to a sprinkler to deter wildlife. If they come too close to an area they get sprayed with water. There's a handy man radio show on Saturday mornings here, and he is always recommending it. You'd have to put it between their pond and your patio, so you don't get drenched when you go out!!

Just a thought.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

LOL! I have a couple of those. I used to have a bizarre neighbor from H-You-Know-Where who like to wander around my back yard at night. I set a couple of those up. He got absolutely drenched a few nights later. I forgot I had those. I don't know how well those would work on geese, but it sure made his wife mad. Hehehehe...

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