Hydroton (made by Okotau, sold as Easy Green)

South Bend, IN

Does anyone still have some of the original Hydroton that was made in Germany (made by Okotau/Oekotau, sold under name Easy Green)? I am particularly interested in obtaining a small sample of the stuff that was sold in the last year or so of its production (i.e., before it was discontinued).

South Bend, IN

PS: I would be interested in obtaining small samples, regardless whether they are used or unused--as long as you are certain that it is the actual Hydroton that was made in Germany (aka Easy Green).

Fort Worth, TX

great - I'm getting into aquaponics and this is discontinued

Solon, IA

Hydroton was discontinued, but that doesn't mean the same type of product isn't around. Hydroton was the brand name for a line of LECA, or Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, used in hydroponics applications. Some places such as Home Depot sell a similar product by Viagrow called "Hydroponic Gardening Grow Rock Medium" which is the same thing.

There are other alternatives to using Hydroton as well including expanded shale, perlite, coco coir or others depending on the hydroponic method you choose.

Just remember to thoroughly wash any clay, shale, or perlite media you use because they can be very dusty!

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