Thrre unidentified flying bugs/flies

Gramat, France

Hi, the nearest I can come to identifying the first is a Tarnished plant bug but it looks to light. The second was about 12mm long with a completely red abdomen visible when flying but almost covered by its black wings when stationary. The third was about 12mm wingspan/ 20mm length. Anyone help please.

Thumbnail by davefrance Thumbnail by davefrance Thumbnail by davefrance
Minot, ND

The bug in the first image definitely is in the same family (Miridae) as a tarnished plant bg, but there are several other species having a roughly similar appearance see for some examples.
The second one could be a parasitic wasp of some sort, but a clearer and larger image would be helpful.
The third specimen is a scorpionfly (order Mecoptera), apparently in the genus Panorpa. They are general predators on other small arthropods.

Gramat, France

Thanks Flapdoodle. Unfortunately the second one flew off before I could get it focussed. Will keep looking to see if it returns.

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