Please help ID This Maple Leafed Vine

Golden Beach, FL

I'm currently in South Florida (North Miami Beach) and have a volunteer vine that sprouted in a soil filled pot that used to have a Palm Tree growing in it (it was a Parlor Palm, Chamaedora elegans).

The vine has grown quickly and is thriving on my balcony.

I am curious what it is.

The leaves look like smaller, soft maple leafs. The leaves are not tough like an ivy. It's also never given me any rashes so I DON'T believe it's an ivy.

It hasn't shown any signs of sprouting any flowers yet and not sure it will (I've had for about 4 months now).

I keep looking for ways to ID it.

I've included 2 pix (2nd pic is sideways - plant grows upward - not sideways)

Thanks for your input.

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Thumbnail by KeenThumb Thumbnail by KeenThumb
Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Wild Balsam Apple (Momordica charantia).

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

kay is right.

pull it before it flowers and spreads seed all over creation! lol

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