Id. succulent

Mexico, Mexico

Id. succulent

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Sedum ?

Melbourne, Australia

Pretty plant ... I have a similar one, and I think they are the genus Echevaria, however I believe they hybridize easily and differ from even garden to garden. It is night here so will take another photo tomorrow, as it is flowering, and you can see the similarity. I am in Victoria Australia and it multiplies very quickly here.

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Melbourne, Australia

As i compare the photo's i can see there is a difference in the flowers. I am a garden lover not an expert, so i hope my photos have helped and not hindered !!

Thumbnail by Angie12345 Thumbnail by Angie12345
Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

Guzmania2010's plant is Sedum palmeri, we've covered that in another thread.

Angie's plant is one of the many forms of Echeveria elegans (pictures at ) This Echeveria species is quite variable, so it's worth growing more than one form in a collection. They all have the pretty pink and yellow nodding flowers though.

Ciao, KK.

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