How to Get More blooms from a Bird of Paradise?

June Park, FL

I have had a Bird of Paradise for about three years. It blooms once a year with only two blooms. Can anybody answer me how or what do I use to get this plant to produce more blooms? thank you

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I think it needs to be more mature to produce more flowers.
Keep it growing, and healthy and you should see more flowers each year.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hand fork around the root area and add some multi-purpose plant feed and gently fork this into the same root area soil.
make sure it is watered well in the hot dry season, I take this plant is in the garden soil and NOT in pot's, you soil in Florida can be exceptionally free draining so this winter I would add a thick layer of humus rich mulch around the roots so next spring / summer the soil has a little extra help with regards holding onto water as you use the hose or watering can.
These plants can eventually form a huge fat clump and spread way beyond expectations so make sure there is plenty room around the roots area so the plant can expand.
I dont think you should expect a vast improvement on the size for maybe the first 4-5 years then it should just move out and up.
Hope this helps you out a bit.
Best of luck. WeeNel.

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