Watering new transplanted Peaches & Cream and Scentsation

Castle Rock, CO

I've already read conflicting instructions online. Should I water these plentifully? Sparingly? In between? They are about 3.5 feet tall and the potting soil wasn't very moist when I bought them and planted. I planted with lightly moist quality garden soil and covered with brown bark mulch. I'm afraid to underwater and afraid to overwater! :-) Any other info & pointers would be appreciated. I want these beauties to thrive and cover the wall. I also want to add another hummingbird attractor to the left of these honeysuckle to complete the cover... open to suggestions. Thanks!

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Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

In general, newly installed plants need much more water than those that have had time to establish. If you see any wilt, add water for sure. When frost knocks the leaves off, it would be unusual for a plant to need water, but I hope someone in your climate would confirm that. If it's above freezing and hasn't rained for a while, I would probably give new plants a drink occasionally. Next year, I would start NOT watering unless I see wilt. The less you coddle, the more self-sufficient plants will be, with much deeper roots.

I could suggest some great annuals for your hummer area, but am at a loss suggesting perennials to someone in CO.

Castle Rock, CO

Thank you! I'll watch for wilt and water carefully...

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