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Robertstown, Australia(Zone 10a)

The new changes have fixed a couple of my old bugbears about the Journal, but there is one thing I would really like to see addressed, as it has always annoyed me. This is the inconstancy of the appearance of dates!

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When you set up a Journal Item there are Initial Comments. You also put in a start date. I'd like it if when you View your entire entry that it displays that Start Date when viewing all the entries for that item. All the subsequent entries after the Initial one have their dates displayed. Would be nice to have the start date also shown. Surely the format of the orange bar that says " Initial Comments: " could be changed to match the format of the later entries so that is says "Feb 12, 2005: Initial Comments " instead?

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Also, the Search view is still leaving the year out in the Begin Date column!

This has driven me nuts at times, especially when I am doing lots and lots of Journal work! I seem to have the ability to instantly forget the start date as soon as I change to the item view and I end up going backwards and forwards a lot or opening up even more multiple tabs than usual and getting myself all tangled up.

Ciao, KK.

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