October 2013 Shorter Days & Longer Nights

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

My dad got rid of them by giving them to a guy he did some work for. lol. Yeah, alot of cursing went on by both of us. lol

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

This is all nice here , other half wouldn't say much most of the time , My luck ; cruise ship run by cartoons , Earthquake , or volcano .
Cactus spines are bad , hairs are worse ,,
Didn't get pics today , did get a few seeds and another cement pole ...

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hehe.. a Disney cruise does seem odd, but bless their heart, they've branched out for the money!
I hope Mickey knows how to swim in case I go overboard! lol
Oh, it was the hairs. All those brownish clusters are clusters of little hair-like needles called glocoids I think. Haha.. I can attest that those hairs are much worse, at least a poke is only a second! They are even hard to see individually. I put the pic in my Comcast webspace to see it more close-up. Here is my Aldi Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood', it's leaves have turned crispy and I don't think from the time of year. They started getting crispy about 2 months ago. I think they were going to die anyway, but I am very optimistic that the tree itself is fine. I tried bending and breaking a twig on it today and it didn't break but only bent like rubber, (a 180 bend, not just a little..lol), which is a good sign.
Here is the cacti and then the JM 'Bloodgood'. -

Hehe..I wouldn't give those cactuses to you guys to poke yourselves, you do have to be careful.
They are good for like a desert garden with a steer skull or something. They're also hardy here, I leave mine outside all Winter in pots. Eventually, the Prickly-Pear blooms a very pretty solid yellow flower and the Cholla is supposed to bloom a nice purple flower. I've never seen the Cholla flower as I've never had a big one long enuff. But I've seen the PP in flower and it is one of the nicest flowers I've ever seen. I'll upload a photo of it. It was taken with my old camera and it didn't have big photos, it was back in the day of little photos, DG can easily do this photo. - That was that big mother pot of Prickly-Pear also that messed me up by carrying it, unknowing at the time of the pain that was included! I never have a hard time finding this pic, it was 9 days before my Dad died.

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Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

I'll have to catch up tonight. After that field trip, I came home and slept a few hours & was a slug the rest of the day. I did have a great time! The kids were awesome. : )

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Tonite I made a hanging winter-time planter of the evergreen English Ivy that has run amuck.
It was too dark to get a decent pic so I'll try getting it tomorrow.

Well, my temp job of 6 days has come to a close. The temp company has informed some of us that the assignment is over for now. I applied directly to the company that I worked at, today, that'll be a gamble but my fingers will be crossed. Hey, at least they know me, my name, and that I can do the work but they may not like my method of applying so soon after being a temp but what to do?!

That Ninebark 'Coppertina' from pepper is being quite funny. It has, (or had) little leaves come on but they may have been what I call "reflex leaves". I'm not sure what happens next, but those little leaves have turned crispy. I'm holding onto it though, I usually always give a plant at least a year unless it's obviously done. - first photo

I put a bunch of leftover Prickly-Pear and Cholla cuttings in this can and put a bunch of dirt on it, so it'll be interesting to see what happens there..lol It looks like too much dirt on that but I'm sure it'll sink down eventually. 2nd pic

My Elephant Ears are still hanging in there, when the frost nips the foliage then I'll get the bulbs and bring them in like pepper does. That's my pot of white hardy Mums in front of the EE's.
So far only one white bloom on them but there are lots of ones just waiting to open. 3rd pic

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Enjoyed the thread links here, the pic'e always ,
Took these today and yesterday ,
Ninebark cutting pic is a little "off"
Coneflower still blooming ? Love it , but it is weird ..

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Wow, Purple Coneflowers still blooming ju?! I cut all my Coneflower dead flowers off a long time ago, for the seeds.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

That is strange isn't it ?, Hope they live , and it is not because something is wrong with them
Yes I got some of the seeds you took ,, we will see some of those next year ,, ^_^
More Hollyhocks are up too ! be planting those this weekend ..
Trying to start some greens , Borage has returned on it's own , Starting to self seed , and sprout wherever it's happy ..
I love forage greens ,, bitters you know ) lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Since I have plenty of time again now, maybe I'll get some Hollyhock seeds planted soon too.
I know just where I want to plant them, along a chainlink fence that separates our driveway from the house next-door. I need to always have something growing there from now on as they mow and discharge from their mowers is about 3 feet from my friend's cars, mine is always parked on the street.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I love the pics and I did take pics last night but I am soooo lazy about reformatting them and taking the size down that I usually just don't get them loaded.... ;( I don't have one coneflower blooming, Ju you ought to keep those seeds and do a test and see if they are longer blooming they may be a new type!

Last night was beautiful.

Pepper must be busy girl.....

Will does your temp agency charge if someone hires you full time? If they do you may need to wait x amount of time before applying at the company or the company would have to pay a fee to hire you.

Here are is a of pic from last night, the first one it was so peaceful and beautiful last night and I thought this actually kind of caught the essence of it as the sun was setting, second pic is the same thing but has the tree row in it.
The second is from a huge cirnum lily atleast that is what I think it is in the solar room and setting a bloom. That plant in the pot is as tall as me, this pic was actually from a couple of days ago it is about twice that long now.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Am definitely busy and will be getting busier for a little whiles. lol.

Here are my jap maples in their new homes. The one in the shade is all lovey dovey and the one in the sun isn't so happy but I think next year it'll be fine.

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Oh what cutie Japanese maples. We haven't had much rain so we are watering with the tractor, we fill up the bucket on the tractor and drive it around take a 5 gal bucket and water the new trees. We don't have water or hoses that will reach everywhere. We got about a drop of water yesterday from Mom Nature.

Well I bought some pipes and parts to make some hangers for my hanging plants. Guess that is what is on my agenda today and move plants around since the solar room is jam packed. Everything is in but the banana tree so I at least now I know how much room I do or don't have.

Will I was in Planters Seed company the other day and they had the stick type grow lights, now I know they are not the most economical place to shop, but I am curious are you using grow lights or just florescent lights?

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I brought in my Arrowhead plants. They shouldn't be in so many cold nites I don't suppose! The tag say 65 to 80. They're still alive but I figured I should get them and bring them in. I gotta take care of them, they are my main big birdbath fountain water-plants.

Nice Japanese Maples pepper, they look good there.

Yeah ju, the Purple Coneflower could be called, "Juhur's Purple October"!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I don't know about the temp agency charging, happ. All I know is that you have to work as a temp so many hours and days before you can be considered for a permanent job there, which didn't sound too likely.

Planter's Seed company eh? I've never heard of them, they must be up there somewhere. I heard of a lot of the nicer nurseries and stuff related, around here.

I made 4 BIG pots of 'Watermelon' Coleus cutting, pics 1 & 2. Would anyone like to put dibs on one, I can bring them to a Roundup. I am unsure how the cuttings of 'Halls' Honeysuckle will do. I was cutting off some vines of it that were running along the ground, when I noticed one had rooted in the mulch. I was thinking, "wow, maybe they grow by cuttings", so anyway, I made 5 cuttings of it, I can bring them also to a RU, if anybody wants one, if they take, pic #3.

I made some cuttings of my Iceplant, that's them in the rectangular planter, I spaced them out in the front of the box, pic #4.

This last photo is of the English Ivy hanging basket that I made from cuttings the other day.

My lights are flourescent. I use the regular cool white shoplite bulbs. My friend here says they use $20 a month in electricity but I told her, I don't think so..lol

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Will, Planter's Seed Co is next to the River Market. It's been around for over 100 years in the same spot. Cool old building. Cool seeds too.

My dad used the 5 gal buckets to water the trees today. We run our wash water outside to keep our trees alive so he stuck the hose in a bucket and did it that way. It's too heavy for me to do it that way so I use a tea pitcher and make a million trips. lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Oh, it's in Kansas City. That explains it, I try to avoid Kansas City as much as possible!
I'm just kidding, I've been there quite a bit, I just get lost easily in KC and never know where I'm at, which isn't especially good. Cool though, an old company in an old building that specializes in seeds, it sounds interesting.

I forgot to post my photo of my overwintering-in-the-mulch job I did today! -
That's my Colorado Blue Spruce 'Globosa', Banana 'Basjoo' and a Flowering Dogwood in the mulch for the Winter.

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Saying hello to you all . pic's;are all great as always

Japanese Maples are real nice pepper , hope they are for decades or centuries to come..

Light thing is all bills are more , and a little more , and a little more .. etc in ditto machine ...

Here's a Dogwood that grows wild red leaves fall white berries.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks ju. Do those seeds stay white or do they turn red like normal? If they stayed white, I think that would be an oddity for a regular Flowering Dogwood. You could patent that one and sell it too, be sure not to give any seeds to anybody. If that's the case, they could grow it and sell it before you do.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

That's a native wild plant , and yes they stay white , like a Snowberry . I don't know the name of this one but it is Native , I 'll look more . I will find it sooner or later ..

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

It reminds me of this or a very old Red twig Dogwood , very old ..


suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I see, it's Cornus sericea, (Red Twig or Red Osier Dogwood).
Here's a similar pic that I found here. - http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/177101/
If a lot of the twigs are red.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Real close , little leaf difference in both yours and mine , Difficult to exact sometimes , Definitely in the cultivar though.
Another of the Hollyhocks sprouted today ,

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Will, I had "Artic Fire" that did good for a few years then succumbed to the drought & heat a few summers ago when I also lost some of my other younger shrubs. I so wanted some type of red twig dogwood for winter interest. Now I have my bamboo, so I'm happy.

Ju, my hollyhocks are doing well for their 1st summer. I hope to have blooms as lovely as yours next summer. Gotta love men who enjoy growing flowers just like my dear ol' dad. : )

My mom just called & wants me to visit because they've got more baby chicks. Looks like I'll be planning another drive to the countryside this week. At least, I can always leave a bag of pears. I stayed up until 1 am this morning processing pears for canning. I'm leaving some at the nurses' station at my next nursing home visit.

Off to church where I'm looking forward to the music today. My husband is the church drummer. We're suppose to have piano and saxophone players visit today, so I'm looking forward to the music. My responsibility, of course, is tending the outdoor church planter. Right now, all I have growing are some nice marigolds. I should have picked up some mums to add a pop of color & fill in the spaces. I don't know if it's too late. How long do mums bloom outdoors in zone 6?

I'll be checking in later. We're going to the matinee showing of "Cloudy w Meatballs 2" in 3D after church & the gr-d is spending the night since we both get to stay home tomorrow for the Columbus Day holiday. Next weekend, we're going to the pumpkin farm festival.

Enjoy your Sunday. The weather is gorgeous here today.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Mums should bloom until you have frost, if they haven't already been blooming forever.

Planters is a really unique store, not so many live plants, I mean they have few carts in the spring but not a nursery. More nursery supply place. All kinds of plastic black pots, shape and sizes and all that kind of stuff is reasonable I think. Bulk bird seed which is reasonable but things like bird feeders, decorative things, books, and ceramic pots are out of my reach but have bought alot of things on clearance. They have a ton of bulbs all different kinds for fall planting along with some of the largest amaryllis bulbs I have ever seen. They sell every kind of seed known to man I think along with spices, tons of spices.

Beautiful coleus Will. Those are huge starts, I would love to swap you something for one.

Well better get out and do something. Looks windy but only have today to play outside, hear next week will be doing good to get in the low 60's!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Low 40s for low this week and highs at times in low 60s maybe. Winter is creeping in on us!!

Yeah, the trees are really nice. They were orginally $140 and got marked down to $40 so I snatched up 2. I prefer the weeping ones but these will do in their spot. lol. The weepers we had were same price but only 3 feet tall instead of 6 feet.

Happ, have you seen the Black Diamond Crape Myrtles? Dark purple leaves and either red, pink or white blooms. $25 for a 3 gallon plant. They are cool looking. Oh and our big crapes are still $99. Still have 3 of them too.

Christmas trees (live 1s) start coming in probably in about 2 weeks I was told yesterday.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Arctic Fire sounds real nice. - http://www.monrovia.com/plant-catalog/plants/3009/arctic-fire-red-twig-dogwood.php

Okay happ, it's a deal! There's around 6 or 7 Coleus cuttings in each pot.

Yeah, the coming of Christmas trees to box stores kinda means the unofficial end to looking at plants for a while, as there are none for sale at box stores. It's funny, a lot of the plants they sell are hardy so they should sell them thru Dec. The ground doesn't usually freeze solid until Jan., when you can't plant, but you could always just set the plant aside, as many supposed to be hardy.

Planters sounds like a neat place.

I used to go to Tobins Supply in NKC to get pots. I used to buy those black pots by the tube for around $25 each. I just ended up giving them away as my plans for them fell apart several years ago.
I've always had enuff pots around tho for my own use so that has worked out, I just paid dearly for them and still got too many of them.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Pepper thank you for letting me know on the plants. Wow still 99, that is amazing. The Japanese maples are going to be beautiful there. We are watering about 14 trees right now... ;(

Will not suppose to say thank you so I won't....rofl.

I did take some pics yesterday. It was a beautiful weekend to say the least.
I got one whole raised vegtable bed cleaned and turned with a pitch fork, I want to get some compost on top before winter hits.

Cleaned out the shed and have been arranging things for the winter. I sure have alot of yard ornaments...rofl. I could leave some outside but I hate to I don't get to see them that often and the winters are hard on everything. Garden room is arranged differnetly this year and may still get a couple of lights like yours Will. I will take some pics.

Ju how is your concrete work going? Take some pics of your poles if you get a change. I would like to see them. I did have a thought about making some and while the concrete is wet putting eye rings in them and then linking a chain from one to another it would make a pretty fence.

GB we are going to rename you Miss Barlett for the pear...rofl. Sounds like you are enjoying the nice days with family.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Okay here ya go Happ .
#3 is a 6ft 4x4 it will be covered next spring
#1 is over 8ft stayed together moved twice , needs sealed /
2&4 two 4ft broken halves well nothings perfect , and after all it takes practice .

Made from cereal box molds and tape , what can I say , lol

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

8 FOOT wowzer.....that is a lot of pole. Just to lift it would be no easy trick. I think you have a great idea. Trial and error I know that one....had an instructor one time tell me if you get it right the first time you have learned nothing and disappointment is right around the corner....well I can tell you I have learned lots...rofl.

I tried uploading a few pics a while ago but wouldn't go I will try again.

1. A big bud...can't wait for the bloom
2. Here is my Mum and the variety is Helen (My Moms name) and my Moms concrete frog.
3-4. Getting into taking pictures of the grasses, this is the same photo first one cropped

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Good looking plants , good scenery too !!!
Enjoy the mums, long time favorite .. as many .
Poles are not that heavy guessing that one , 18 to 25 pds .
The 4x4 that is really 5x5 weighs three times that much , got heavy that one did .. once set it's not going anyplace ..!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Wow it is cold outside I think....geehz. Windy and sprinkly....yuck..

I would of thought those posts would of weighed more. I learned so much from being on here, there are so many creative people you included.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

It's gonna get colder this week!! I need to get all my warm gear washed up and moved around this week. It's that time of year.

Yeah they aren't marking down too many shrubs just yet. Today the inside was getting set up for Christmas stuff. Very much a madhouse with a good 10-20 people just working on that. Live trees will be in here in another week or so and I'll switch from watering the current stuff to some of those.

Will, we can't hold on to the plants thru out winter because we don't have room for them. And they would get neglected since we have so much to do inside and frankly don't wanna be outside when it's cold. lol

Happ, great pics!! Love that mum!! Not very often you find one with that much red in it. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one.

Ju, your poles are cool. If I didn't have stumps and eventually a topped off electrical pole I would try my hand at making one or two. lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Sure, no thanks needed happ! Wasn't it Crit who said that awhile back too?! Though, I'm sure these will be fine after they root. I took a photo of how they look today but soon they will look like these others in the black flat, they look real good, there's even a few laf cuttings in there that have rooted, (in the front of the pic).

I like your red Mums and your Mom's red frog, happ.

Your grass is nice, it kinda looks like the Karl Foerster Feather Reed grass that I bought for a quarter in 2012. Mine only has 2 or 3 nice "feathers" as it was on it's way out when I bought it.

I got a flu shot today at Sams Club. It's not a bad deal, of course, I guess you have to have a membership, but the shot is only $15.97. Then, we saw The Wolverine, good movie, we wanted to see it while it was still at the theater. Actually, we got tickets for 2 Guns but went into The Wolverine theater instead. We saw at the very end of it that they apparently plan to bring back Xmen movies.

I just cut off a bunch of Spiderplant cuttings, they were everywhere and they took up alot of room and I'm sure they required water. Here is a pile of them. Anybody want some, I just did this 2 days ago, these are beautiful houseplants. -

Nice poles, ju. I like that one shaped like cereal boxes with the rounded top.

Oh, I'm just being silly about plants in the cold at box-stores. Watering itself would be a cold endeavor, and even if it's under 32 or probably close, you'd have ice on the floor or slick conditions, and that's lawsuits, I'd sue!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I actually do have to water at times when it's below freezing. The cold saps the moisture out of the soil. Really, really sucks. lol.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I just woke up .Nice house plant Will, your really good with them from what I see .. Still have to get my flu shot . and it will get done .
I set that 8ft pole for a Clematis to grow on , and dug some Burdock root for tea and storage .
Voles are eating the Borage , that and giant crickets are everywhere , eating everything , little buggers drive me crazy , I've lost more plants to those things than I have had hair in a lifetime ..
Perennial Hollyhocks the seeds came from are making new leaves for winter and next year ,
Pink ones always seem stronger . only one of those things ..
PEPPER I don't like watering all the plants I have . getting wet , getting cold , dragging hoses , and all ,, don't like my plants starving or dehydrating either though ,
You get what you pay for kind of reality , not a fun part of gardening as one ages , when we kids it was more fun spraying and throwing water than swings were though ...

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Well dh and dog woke me up about 2:30 and now it is almost time to get up.... ;(

Will those plants are happy to say the least. That grass is the zebra grass, I have I think about 3 varieties of grasses. When I was at the Springfield Botanical garden they had the coolest tall grass area, it was beautiful and talk about tall grass it was amazing. I was trying to catch the sunset that was causing the tops to sparkle in the last few rays of the day.

Oh Pepper cold and wet ughhhh I just can't do that. Even as a kid I hated being rained on, now the sprinkler on a hot hot day is ok.

Ju maybe you already said but what is the clematis going to grow on up that concrete pole? I read somewhere about the direction clematis twine....where was that...can't find it but found this which I thought was interesting. Propagation is done by seeds or cuttings. Seeds from the clematis may take years to germinate and longer to bloom, or may not breed true to the parent vine. The use of cuttings to propagate clematis vines results in a clone of the parent plant that will produce blooms the following growing season.

Really years to germinate a seed and longer to bloom wowzer, talk about having to be a patient gardener...

Will I have two small coleus I just bought. I have tried for years to make a standard out of coleus with some success but not a lot. Once I actually got the coleus to stay alive for over 2 years and it was really looking pretty nice and then when I wasn't looking those stupid white fuzzy sucking bugs just exploded all over it and I had to get it away from the other plants so it got tossed. So I am going to attempt it again. These two coleus are long and leggy which is what I need for the standard and then this winter I will start stripping leaves from the bottom.

Well have a great day I probably need to stop rambling on and on.

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Vacation day, so I've been enjoying a 4 day weekend! I start the work week on "hump" day which is kind of cool. I rolled out of bed at 5:30AM to grocery shop & be back home in time to run my daughter to the bus stop & turn the car over to hubby for a 9AM car maintenance appt.
When I came out of the grocery store pulling 2 carts full of groceries (seriously), the rain was really coming down. What timing! Anyway, I've got all the groceries put away & finally get to enjoy my coffee. Some vacation. LOL Now I've got to pay bills & catch up on laundry. I'll be glad when I can find some time for gardening. I did get 5 pints of pear butter put up yesterday. It cooked in the crockpot all night Sunday & all day Monday to reduce the pear sauce by 1/2. When I let my family sample it, I knew that it was worth the effort. Even my picky husband's eyes lit up. : )

I have been enjoying all your posts about your gardening trials & triumphs. Once I get thru all these pears, my name will go from "Mrs. Bartlett" to "Mrs. Catchup on the house & yard work". LOL

Hoping that everyone stays healthy thru the cold and flu season that's already upon us.

Pics: bouquet of lavender & The Fairy roses, Munstead lavender, Coral Drift roses, Oklahoma roses, and my canebrake.

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I was up at about 5 am but wasn't in any clarity to type or play with buttons .
Lunchtime for a few minutes and it looks like rain , it's suppose to .
About 60 degrees or so ,it will be cold if it rains .
happ' A blue HF Young Clematis and some green garden wire , I have about 4 cuttings of them rooted . three are already promised .

gb pretty flowers !!! I'm sure your hollyhocks will bloom nice next year ,and you all are near their favorite zone

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Well there Miss Bartlett those are some beautiful roses and lavender....wow! OMG bg don't you wonder how in the world you can go in the store and be fine just to walk out in a middle of a down pour. Course you are in the store and it is all nice and cozy until you look out...LOL What a vacation Grocery shopping (which is one of those jobs I just truly HATE), paying bills (well I think we all fill that way about paying bills), it is about time you do something for you girly girl, before hump day gets here.

Someone called me Miss Happ one time and I thought it was rather appropriate...rofl.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Remember that Green Spiderplant you sent me, ju? Here it is, it looks good, it's next to the red Hollyhocks you also sent me. -

Is that Spiderplant that I sent you still doing okay, ju? If you want anymore, I got plenty!

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