Spotted Wing Drosophila

Walnut Ridge, AR

I am surprised that I could not find anything about the Spotted Wing Drosophila on Dave's Garden. It has decimated soft fruit crops across the US. This is the first year I have seen it near me (north east Arkansas). The problem with the SWD is even if the the fruit growers burn their entire crop this nasty little bug can still be found in wild fruit (elderberries, blackberries, etc).

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Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)


You are right, we are lacking in this area. I was surprised to find we have no mebers of the family Drosophilidae in BugFiles.

I have created a page for Drosophila suzukii here:

We would be very pleased if you would add your images to this page and perhaps also add a note describing what you know of its pest status.

You would need to enrol as a member of the site to be able to add pictures, but there is no charge for enrolment,

If you do add your images, I can select one to illustrate the family in our index.,


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