Best container olive trees

Wellborn, FL

Our odd weather -hot-cold-wet-dry and total unpredictability has changed my "garden" totally. Now planting primarily in pots. Have one young beautiful 2 year old Arbequina but trunk is very crooked. How are they propagated? What other olives do well in pots? I'm in zone 8b/9b (so far)

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Are you looking for an olive for fruit?

Olive (Olea europa) gets really big, it is a tree, not for pots at all. You could build a large mound in the garden, perhaps with dry stack rocks to keep the shape. Then the area would have enough drainage for an olive tree.

There are some dwarf Olives, but even these are giant shrubs, and are not grown for edible fruit.

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