Help please in identifying this bug (beetle)

Bourgougnague, France

I am presuming this is a type of leaf beetle as it seems to live on leaves surrounding my garden in S W France. It is a little under 2cm in length and as can be seen in the photo is basically red with black stripes. The bit sticking out from its right side looks like a wing so maybe it has the ability to fly.
Any help in identification would be appreciated. I have looked through the beetle selection on here but there does not seem to be anything that comes close.
Thank you for looking

Thumbnail by bugfan51 Thumbnail by bugfan51
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)


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We have a forum on Insect and Spider Identification here:
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Your is an interesting beetle, but I cannot even place it in a family at present. Beetles are unusual among insects in that their forewings are hardened and provide protection for the hind wings, but only the hind wings are actually used for flying. The bit sticking out from the right side is one of these hardened forewings, known as elytra. You can just see a bit of the membranous hindwing just below the elytrum in your second picture.

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Bourgougnague, France

Many thanks your reply. Once I realised my error in posting I put it on the Insect and Spider Identification forum and, as you rightly suggest I received a positive reply. It has been identified on there as a 'Stink Bug' or more precisely, Striped bug (Graphosoma lineatum).

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