Help with ID on this stinkbug

Silsbee, TX

I'd like to know what this bug is. It looks like a stinkbug, but I've found no ID for it. It is brown with a white stripe. southeast Texas - October

Thumbnail by MelanieTex
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

Melanie, I think your bug is the Western Leaf-footed Bug - Leptoglossus clypealis:

We have a page for this bug in BugFiles, but no pictures so far:
and we would be pleased if you would add your image to that page.

In general, this is not the place to ask for identifications, I just happened to have a good idea where to look for your bug.

This forum is for questions relating to adding data to the BugFiles database.

We have a forum on Insect and Spider Identification here:
and if you post your question there, you may get some help,

If you have an image, you could attach it to the message you post for a better chance of getting an identification

BugFiles Administrator

Silsbee, TX

Well, thank you Kennedy! Certainly you can use my picture. The thing is, by submitting a picture and acquiring an ID, that does add to your database! - - And I have helped some people to identify things as well. I love your sight.


Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

Thanks Melanie for adding your Western Leaf-footed Bug picture,


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